Author Topic: Most items are on sale. Need to clean things out before moving back to China.  (Read 18499 times)

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Hello guys,

It's finally the time for me to move back to China on April 4th after being here in the US for about 6 years. I'll continue doing this business after moving back home, and all items will be shipped from China after April 10th.

I still have a lot of inventories sitting around my apartment and I need to clean them out before moving back home.

Most items are on sale at and some of the prices are even lower than what I paid for.

Sales will end at the end of March. I'll keep adding stuffs to geekkeys store at the lowest prices possible. Please keep your eyes on the new added items. :)

Thank you all for your supports during the past years! This business has been very helpful and meaningful for me, and I'll keep it going and make it better.  :thumb:

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Hope your move went fine without problems :)

Your ebay page is still closed, is this on purpose?
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