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[Jelly Key][Black Friday] Up to 30% with On Offer and more

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Jelly Key Black Friday: Up to 30% with On Offer and more

Hottest deal ever!

Jelly Key new designs, new sale way, our On Offer products are ready for you to buy anytime, but you can save up to 30% of the deal in Black Friday event, only in three day from Friday Nov, 23th to Sunday Nov, 25th. Hm.. just wonder have we ever run any Black Friday event like this? So nervous.

Every On Offer product will be start shipping less than 50 days after your placed order in this Black Friday event. Those little cute faces are waiting for you to bring them home.

So? Are you ready to deal?

Oh so you will be selling outside of Vietnam? :D

I can't wait!


One more pic

Love these, can't wait for the chance to buy some!

That spacebar is dope


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