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Jelly Key Artifact Series: Ethereal Reign

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Ethereal means “heavenly or spiritual.” Take one look at these ornate keycaps and you can understand why their name. Made from a combination of resin and wood, the caps look like mini mountain chains and water . To make them, more than 10 pieces of the finest Chinese and Vietnamese wood are sanded down and layered one on top of the other, creating a 3D effect—which is even harder to achieve here because the keycaps are larger than the typical 1u size. Available in four different styles, one for each season, the caps symbolize the changing of Earth’s weather patterns. Sculpted in SA profile, the caps are compatible with MX stems. Put them on the enter or left shift for a brilliant show of season.


Oh so you will be selling outside of Vietnam? :D

I can't wait!


One more pic

Love these, can't wait for the chance to buy some!

That spacebar is dope


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