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Re: [Jelly Key][GB] Dragons of Eden: the Descendants artisan keycaps
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Dragons of Eden: the Descendants artisan keycaps


As far as we know, dragons are mysterious creatures, and those of Eden are the most of all. They rise, they fall, and they rise again. Last time, we’ve come to learn that there’re 1000-year-old dragon brothers lurking through the incandescent clouds upon the East Sea in the Eden world to magnify the magic stamped inside them. But this act did not appear purposelessly. The place needs protection, and this holy trinity of brothers has been at the helm of Eden with excellence and mindfulness when no other creatures could have done it any better.

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Then, what essentially must be, prevails. Three dragons named Dranimus, Drapalala, and Drapartum brought their next generations into the world. They laid seven eggs to later hatch to seven youngsters under the celebration of the whole Eden. The moment these eggs started to crack, everything just stopped and everyone just held their breath. Against all odds, these offspring were born with great powers absorbed by all elements from nature and the Eden itself, which together forms something called Supreme Power, and is also the one and only thing that three brothers could ever expect. This drastically shook the whole East Sea and Eden alike with many associated names starting to appear, and the most popular among them was ”Birth of the Legends”.
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