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[IC] Homing bump F+J keys for DSA Granite
« on: Thu, 04 August 2016, 22:46:43 »
EDIT: This has been graduated to group buy status! Please check out the Group Buy thread here.


Hi guys,

This'll be the first IC (and hopefully the first group buy!) that I've posted, but it's a pretty small one.

DSA Granite is probably one of the most popular keycap sets around here, and has pretty much every child-kit you could ever want. But **there are no homing bump Granite keys!** As someone who loves homing-bumps, I'm looking to change that. :)

I asked SP for a quote, and here's what they gave me:

15 sets - $12.24 per set
25 sets - $6.94 per set
50 sets - $4.28 per set
75 sets - $3.40 per set
100 sets - $2.96 per set
150 sets - $2.68 per set
250 sets - $2.16 per set
500 sets - $1.90 per set

I would also have to add in shipping costs to get it to all of you wonderful people, which will be done via First Class in the US to save costs (probably $2.50 uninsured, $5 insured, if you want uninsured it'd be on you if it gets lost in the mail), and whatever small flat-rate boxes cost to ship to your country if you're international. And we'd all split the costs of shipping + tax for it to get to me, which should be very cheap on such small items.

We probably want to get ~50 people who pay if we want to actually get this group buy done, to make things economical for all involved. I already have ~30 respondents from posting on /r/mechanicalkeyboards, which is where I usually hang around, but this way we get even more visibility.


More Info

So this is just for two keys?

- Yes. F and J in the GKK color from Signature Plastics, DSA profile, with dye-sub legends, and a homing bump.

Is Matteo okay with this?

- Yes! I reached out to Matteo and asked him if it would be okay with him if I polled for interest and saw if I could order some from Signature Plastics. He said he totally supports this endeavor, so I'm presenting it to you all now!

Will there be Dvorak/Colemak homing-bump kits?

- Probably not, unfortunately. We'll need to get at least 50 orders of the F + J keys just to get a reasonable price there. Maybe if we get at least 15 people who want Dvorak or who want Colemak homing bumps, we could ask for those as well and those people would pay a different price. If you're super-interested in those kits, comment here and we can discuss it and see how popular they'd be.


I'm interested!

Great! The group buy is now up here, you can find the link to the Google Form right at the top of the OP.
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