Author Topic: modifying the responsiveness of clicker of steelseries kinzu  (Read 2835 times)

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modifying the responsiveness of clicker of steelseries kinzu
« on: Tue, 22 December 2009, 07:11:06 »
Hey guys,

so i play counterstrike competitively and having the right mouse is a huge concern. i am currently using a logitech mx300. the shape and clicker responsiveness are the two main reasons why i haven't found another mouse to replace it...

until recently i purchased a steelseries kinzu (fantastic shape for people with small hands). now i was wondering what I could do to increase the sensitivity or responsiveness of the clicker?

in the past for other mice I would open up the shell and fold a small strip of paper and place it above the clicker switch mechanism (to make it a little bit faster to tap). now i've tried this method with the steelseries kinzu and it still is the same (really really stiff left mouse button.. although strangely the right mouse button seems to be a lot less stiff and more sensitive.)

so any ideas? i was thinking is it possible for me to remove the clicker switch mechanism (i'm unsure of the technical term) from my mx300 and solder it onto the steelseries kinzu one ? basically replacing the clicker?

or is it possible to pop open the switch mechanism and modify something inside it to make it more responsive? (i was thinking if there is some sort of spring inside it maybe shave it down just a bit?)

i have no idea if its possible but basically I LOVE the shape of the steelseries kinzu.. it is just the left mouse button clicker that is making it agonizing to frag with. I know it seems a little obsessive but i can tell the difference between how fast my index finger and rapidly tap on my old mx300 vs my new steelseries kinzu..

another idea i was wondering was is there some sort of machine that constantly fires a rod (or some kind of pushing object) up and down rapidly that i could place my mouse under so that the left mouse button gets nice and worn out and is more responsive? lol... i have no idea, maybe that sounds dumb but i kinda wish i could buy a mouse from someone with giant hands that has smashed their buttons a million times so its nice and smooth :)

and i know the steelseries kinzu has a kind of bad optical , negative acceleration at low sensitivity.. but i play on a high sensitivity so its not an issue.

anyways thanks guys and looking forward to reading your suggestions!

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modifying the responsiveness of clicker of steelseries kinzu
« Reply #1 on: Wed, 23 December 2009, 15:48:10 »
I would suggest simply getting used to your new mouse. One thing I did with my G9 to achieve a similar effect of your paper trick, I bent the buttons down so it pushes on the clicker a little bit, not I barely have to click. It is plastic though so it you bend it too much it might have some pretty ****ty negative effects.

Also of interest:
Mouse button latency

16.7ms = 1 frame
33.3ms = 2 frames

This was done before the Kinzu and Xai, but I'm sure they're around the rage of the Ikari and G9.
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