Author Topic: Dead keys on Kinesis Advantage  (Read 580 times)

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Dead keys on Kinesis Advantage
« on: Wed, 15 November 2017, 19:32:37 »
Hi folks. I am new here and might need some help to find the info I want. On my Kinesis Advantage keyboard, serial 93794UB, every so often the one column of keys (5tgb) plus the left Ctrl and the Alt key quit working.
The first time it happened I opened it up and cleaned the contacts on the flat cable connecting the left keywell to the center board, and then the keys worked again.
The next time that did not work, but after fiddling around quite a while, suddenly it began working again.
Now, about the fifth go around with this problem, I messed around for hours. Sprayed contact cleaning spray on all the cable connectors and let them dry before reconnecting. And nothing seemed to help.
Finally I left it setting for several days, and when I tried again, it works.
Can anyone tell me what specifically would cause this problem and what to do about it? If there already are posts and discussion about this topic, please point me to them.