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Re: [WTB: IBM Unsaver 1387033
« Reply #50 on: Mon, 14 January 2019, 07:35:58 »
Maybe if you posted your monetary offer it might shake something loose.
Inequality affects our physical and mental health, our ability to get along with one another and to make our voices heard and our political system accountable, and, of course, the futures that we can offer our children. Lately, we’ve noticed a feature of economic inequality that has not received the attention it deserves called “intellectual inequality.”
I do not refer to the obvious and ineluctable fact that some people are smarter than others but, rather, to the fact that some people have the resources to try to understand our society while most do not. Late last year, Benjamin Schmidt, a professor of history at Northeastern University, published a study demonstrating that, for the past decade, history has been declining more rapidly than any other major, even as more and more students attend college.
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Re: [WTB: IBM Unsaver 1387033
« Reply #51 on: Thu, 21 February 2019, 19:00:33 »
Maybe if you posted your monetary offer it might shake something loose.

Probably a good starting point would be around $1250 nowadays. It can go up or down depending on condition, if the controller has been replaced, APL, etc.