Author Topic: [GB] ELEMENTO X zFrontier. Fr87 GB ended.  (Read 15645 times)

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Re: [GB] ELEMENTO X zFrontier. Fr87 GB ended.
« Reply #150 on: Mon, 16 July 2018, 18:30:45 »
Why are they not pushing this update to the place where the originally announced it? Perhaps to try and quell the public conversations about this GB?

I for one am really dissapointed that it has taken another month to get this update.

1. You have confirmed that the ETA is now September... Lets see how long that will last. We are now at the point of shipping and we have pictures of 2/4 colours and no proper pictures of the PCB or the parts for the bluetooth/ battery compartment.
2. You have confirmed the colour of the tactical blue... Something that should of been done in the prototyping phase or at the beginning of the GB. NOT mid groupbuy!
3. Why at no stage in your pre GB posts did you say what the colour codes you were using were? Or is this just the closest Pantone to the anodized finish? Can we perhaps know what the other pantone colours are then to get a proper idea of what to expect?
4. You have said repeatedly that you are going to give us more updates. However that has fallen short of the mark multiple times. Elemento has made one post and then none of the questions directed to them have been answered. How do we know that these aren't false promises like before?
5. A PCB update in 1-2 weeks... Why has there been no movement on this before now? Surely that can be created seperately from the case? or were the PCB and case not finished designs which we were sold?

Throughout this whole groupbuy, I felt like I have been fobbed off. We get enough information to keep us happy for another month and then radio silence once again.

I strongly suggest to everyone who is within this GB to call Paypal and to make sure that they can extend their buyer protection. At this rate we will be well past the 180 days of Buyer protection before we see something nearly complete.