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« on: Thu, 13 April 2017, 20:51:46 »
Hello friends, it's been a little while  :)

Looking to sell two of my 60% keyboards I got pretty recently in a trade - KBP V60 with Cherry MX Blacks, and Satan GH60 with Gateron Greens. I thought I'd want them but then I bought something else :P

Shipping anywhere using Global Shipping program. $115 buy it now option. Copy of item description below:

Keyboard 1: Keyboard Paradise (KBP) V60

Features Cherry MX Black switches, and red/blue LEDs. Standard layout similar to Poker 60% keyboard. Comes in original box with only the keyboard, no cable or keycaps included. Tested working.

Keyboard 2: SatanGH60 custom keyboard

Features Gateron Green MX compatible switches. No LEDs, switches are stock (not tuned). Is built with a silver plate that does not support switch top removal, and is standard Poker configuration. This keyboard does come with a set of Poker ABS keycaps, but no cable or box. It also has a Zipzyte B-stock plastic case, with damage points shown in the photos above. The PCB also has a slightly bent USB connector and a diode replaced, but it is in working & usable order. You can reprogram the keyboard using EasyAVR but I haven't done this. Caps lock is remapped to Fn but I believe everything else is normal.

Please let me know if you have any questions. ^-^

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