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Re: The Orthodox
« Reply #50 on: Thu, 06 December 2018, 23:56:05 »
I would suggest switching from using Teensy 2.0 to Arduino Pro Micros and placing them under the innermost columns.

- Innermost column because that would allow you to build a sleeker lower-profile keyboard with a small default tenting.
- APM because they are much cheaper. You can get three or four of them for the price of one Teensy 2.0.

However as it turns out,  the tripod solution that the ergopro uses is NOT good, because it connects to the keyboard at a single pivot point.
BTW. I like the Goldtouch's feet. Piece of rubber at the edge of the case. Not on the bottom near the edge - at the edge.

It does use pro micros, and the PCB has been completely redesigned to allow it to get down to only 8 vias. It also uses trrs to connect the halves now, as I found out that the 5th pin on micro and mini usb just goes to gnd to tell USB if it is a master or a slave when using otg. Because of this, it would only work with custom USB cables. I am also working on adding led backlighting currently.

When is going to appear led backlighting version for Orthodox keeb PCBs ?

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Re: The Orthodox
« Reply #51 on: Wed, 19 December 2018, 11:53:33 »
Browsing this ortholinear and ergonomic side of the mkb world I still don't understand how we have the Ergodox, the Preonic, the Split Planck, but not a Split Preonic and an ortholinear Ergodox.
An ergo version of the Split Planck seems like a step forward to all these possibilities, nice job.
Ergodox is already ortholinear for the alphas.
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Re: The Orthodox
« Reply #52 on: Fri, 17 May 2019, 03:18:19 »
I understand the  svelte keyboard is in.. But more keys is better especially because if you tent the keyboard to 55 degrees, you essentually reduced the left-right footprint by 2 units..  There's no reason not to add as many keys as you can.

For the ergodox for example.. I think another extra 2 rows on top and one extra column in the center would be perfectly useable..

Pokers look cool on the desk, but they're not practical in use unless you're a very light user. --the face book people-- hahahaha

Full time programmer here and I settled on the Corne as my favorite board right now. I agree with you and tenting is a requirement for me, but the small form factor feels extremely comfortable by the amount of hand movement being reduced.

It's very close minded to say smaller form factors are not practical. I would absolutely hate to go back to an ergodox at this point.