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ISO/Nordic or keycap legends
« on: Sat, 10 October 2020, 17:29:07 »

I'm trying to find ISO keycaps for my 65% build. I might be over the top spesific with what I want.. The biggest issue is finding ISO/Nordic (oviously). I could always just buy caps and repaint them but then I'd need the legends to glue on. The paint and glue part is not an issue but finding the nordic legends is. If I buy from wasdkb I sort of get the colors I want but not the quality. If I buy from pretty much any other vendor I get the quality, profile and color but not ISO. What I'm looking for is OEM/cherry doubleshot PBT in baby blue (faded light blue) and eggshell (very light beige). I really feel like I am pushing it, but I'm praying I can get my hands on this

This is the closest I've come:
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Re: ISO/Nordic or keycap legends
« Reply #1 on: Sun, 18 October 2020, 10:14:13 »
Norse sets are scarce in the aftermarket. Depending on your language sourcing them may be even impossible. I suggest to track group buys that include a Nord, or a NordUK subset.

GMK Electric is one of those GB's that includes a Norde set:

KAM SuperUser is another one, in a different key cap profile:

I am assuming that you need MX mount key caps.

Another way to source a set compatible with your language local is to visit the classifieds, but at those MK sites that are more likely to carry them, like Deskthority. Because, GH is populated with US ANSI users, mostly. Some odd-balls like me are also here, but we should be a minority.

There are a few sets that are offered off the shelve with ISO layouts compatibility like ePBT 9009, that you can source with a Norde subset. If you want one of these you should get it in a hurry, because the Norde set runs out of stock frequently.

I have found this Granite set that has also small regional ISO subsets on offer:

I hope that these reference help you to find what you need.

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Re: ISO/Nordic or keycap legends
« Reply #2 on: Wed, 21 October 2020, 16:59:45 »
Hi, Im sadly not of help but in the look for something similar and was wondring what keyboard you got and from where. I live in sweden and noticed its quite hard to find custom keyboard parts that is ISO.