Author Topic: Ducky RGB One USB Repeat Acceleration on working  (Read 763 times)

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Ducky RGB One USB Repeat Acceleration on working
« on: Tue, 03 March 2020, 10:42:53 »
I updated my Ducky RGB One(not 2) firmware probably for the first time ever. I am using Windows 10. I noticed after the update I can not speed up the USB repeat acceleration. I used to be able to. I made sure I was in function mode where f1 - f4 are set in different color state than the rest of the keyboard.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this issue? Or is this a known issue that was never fixed?

Or is this because Windows 10 somehow takes control of alt-f1 through f4 and the key commands are not getting to the keyboard?
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Re: Ducky RGB One USB Repeat Acceleration on working
« Reply #1 on: Thu, 05 March 2020, 19:07:44 »
Function keys/layers for keyboard settings don't get passed on to the operating system so at a guess the new firmware has moved the acceleration settings to another key - you could press keys randomly and see what happens?  Alternately look for release notes for the new version or a later version of the instruction manual for the board.
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