Author Topic: TMK/QMK-based replacement controller for Model M-122  (Read 696 times)

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TMK/QMK-based replacement controller for Model M-122
« on: Sat, 09 June 2018, 05:01:18 »
I have an IBM Model M-122 keyboard. The controller was dead, so I desoldered those two FFC connectors and installed them on prototyping PCB with Teensy 3.2 (I did not have experience with ARM-based Teensies, just received one from my friend).
I was able to compile and run Kiibohd on my controller. This keyboard uses 20x8 matrix, and I used Kiibohd's serial console debug to trace the matrix. While it was very useful and easy to setup, I don't like Kiibohd for it's KLL syntax, so I've decided to run QMK or TMK.
Teensy 3.2 is supported in TMK via ChibiOS. I've decided to start with working example  i75 keyboard by di0ib, author of "40 percent" blog. I've made all the necessary changes (columns and rows numbers, pins, keymap), here is the result. My firmware compiles, I can see a HID device when connecting, hid_listen finds it and displays "Listening", but there is nothing more, no keystrokes.
I have only basic knowledge of C, and I'm too stupid to figure out how to debug TMK. What am I doing wrong?
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