Author Topic: Which Switches should I try next?  (Read 639 times)

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Which Switches should I try next?
« on: Mon, 16 October 2017, 17:02:39 »
Preface this my preferred switch is linear's either Gateron Blacks are Kailh Box blacks.. I do not care for Cherry MX blacks. I don't care for Cherry MX clears the bottom out force is way to strong on those. I also enjoy Mod-M Tactile and wouldn't mind trying some other tactile switches. I have a GK64 coming in soon that I need to get some switches for so what would people recommend I try knowing he above? I got the GK64 as kinda tester pad for trying switches. The following are a few I was thinking of perhaps but would love input from others

Tealios ((Think saying that linear version))
Mod-M Linear's

but there are so many switches out there! What do you all suggest might like?
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Re: Which key's should I try next?
« Reply #1 on: Mon, 16 October 2017, 17:13:33 »
I've tried

- MX Blues
- MX Reds
- MX Clears
- Gateron Browns
- Gateron Greens
- 67g Zealios

From your intro I would say either Zealios or Gateron Browns, unless you want more linears. I've liked the Zealios best.
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Re: Which key's should I try next?
« Reply #2 on: Mon, 16 October 2017, 20:49:22 »
I can't take it anymore...fix the title are asking about switches....not keys..... :o :spam:

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Re: Which key's should I try next?
« Reply #3 on: Mon, 16 October 2017, 21:09:08 »
Outemu ICE Purple 62g for tactile, Holy Greilh Black (Greetech Black stem/spring in new Kailh housing) if you want linear. Both are fairly cheap.
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