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Gateron Silent Black switches
« on: Mon, 27 November 2017, 09:08:05 »
Hey guys. I recently acquired Gateron Silent Black switches from KBDfans through Aliexpress (great service, fast shipping, can't complain), and here are my thoughts (pics first):

+ they are indeed silent, now I can mostly hear stabilizers which are getting on my nerve more than usual :) I lubed the switches to make them even more silent and smoother. While I don't like lube for all the switches (I also have a set of Cherry MX Clears that my Pok3r came with that I will keep and I prefer them without lube) I totally recommend to lube these.
+ there is no reduction in travel as opposed to Cherry MX Silent Black !!! I haven't examine the sliders closely but it seems that the latex slider endings are within the range of usual slider instead of extensions of the regular non-silent sliders as with Cherry MX Silent Blacks. If anyone wants I can provide pictures of both sliders as I have both Gateron Silent Blacks and Cherry MX Silent Blacks. edit: pictures proove that Gateron Silent Blacks have longer travel than Cherry Blacks.
+ these switches are way more stable and less wobbly than older Gateron stuff that I magaded to put my hands on (Zealios R5 I think, Gateron Brown). They seem to be less wobbly than Cherry.
+ they are harder to open up than Cherry, it feels like they are more rigid and better matching each other.
+ comes with transparent top and milky bottom by default
+ keycaps hardly move or make any sounds while brushing with hand
+ the sound is great, a bit like silenced Topre
+ nice springs, not a single switch pings. The board is totally pingless.
+ they are on the cheaper side. I paid ~$28 for pack of 70 while I would need to pay 46,90 EUR in for 70 Cherry MX Silent Blacks (plus shipping from Germany and potentially tax if you are outside EU). There are now Cherry MX Developer kits available at for 40 EUR with 110 switches but only available for Cherry MX Silent Red an Speed Silver. One could buy Cherry MX Silent Reds and swap springs but that would cost more anyway, additional cost of the springs plus shipping from Germany.

- downstroke and upstroke sound is dampened by some kind of latex material. 2 out of 70 keys I received have too little dampening material on the bottom of the slider so you can hear it clack more on the downstroke than the other keys. Not a huge deal, you can always use the spares if this is an issue for you. I didn't bother as the issue only comes up when bottoming out with too much force.
- latex material of which the dampeners are made of are somewhat sticky. After a while of not using the keyboard when I pressed the keys for the first time I felt that I need to press them a little bit harder to unstuck the upstroke dampener from the housing. Also not that big of a deal and if you lube the switches (and you really should) then it's not an issue anymore. This is not a problem with Cherry MX Silent Black switches.
- without applying any lube Cherry MX Silent Black sliders made less noise. That means Gateron switches might be a little bit less smooth than Cherry MX Silent Black. edit: even in the picture I can see that the Cherry MX Silent Black slider mold looks smoother.

Overall they switches are great, better than Cherry MX Silent Black in my opinion, especially considering the price. Great sound, great build quality, very nice addition to my Cherry MX Clears. If you considered Silent switches or just very good linear switches then I recommend getting new Gateron Silent series. My only wish, being Gateron, is for the sliders to be smoother than Cherry.

Tested in Vortex Pok3r and default PBT vortex keycaps. I lubed them with a mix of Super Lube Synth Oil and Grease. I lubed the bottom of the housing (I have not put in any lube into that hole in the middle where the slider pin goes in as too much lube there causes smacking sounds), all slider sides/contact points and the slider pin.
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Re: Gateron Silent Black switches
« Reply #1 on: Sat, 13 January 2018, 12:22:21 »
Thanks for the review. I'm seriously considering picking some of these up for future builds :>
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Re: Gateron Silent Black switches
« Reply #2 on: Fri, 19 January 2018, 11:01:34 »
Aren't those already factory lubed? That was the reason that it had the stick problem to begin with.

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Re: Gateron Silent Black switches
« Reply #3 on: Tue, 23 January 2018, 15:22:56 »
Aren't those already factory lubed? That was the reason that it had the stick problem to begin with.

I think the stick problem is due to how soft the plastic of the stem is; at least that's what other switch testers claim.
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Re: Gateron Silent Black switches
« Reply #4 on: Sun, 18 February 2018, 03:59:46 »
This is not a problem with Cherry MX Silent Black switches.

I have Cherry MX Silent Blacks ("Camo Reds" because of the incorrect Red spring Cherry installed on these) and these do stick to the top housing as well. I hope lubing helps.
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