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Hi all. This post might not appeal to all our users from the perspective of:"Yeah, I need that." However, the quality of the build, performance and personalized service speaks volumes about the company Handheld Scientific.
My quest began with a need for a niche product - a device with the ability to convert a PS/2 or USB peripheral to wireless. The peripheral in question is my X-Arcade Tankstick. If you are part of the 50-something crowd that fed way too many quarters into stand up arcade machines back in the day, the Tanskstick is phenomenal - it IS arcade, but it is also tethered. Various searches yielded some convert-to-wireless alternatives, but some products turned out to be extinct, others are meant for another controller but could apparently be made to work. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, so one Saturday afternoon I sent an email to
To my surprise, I received a reply within the hour. Despite the fact that I am far from Handheld's target tech demographic, Alan offered suggestions about how the BT-400 would do exactly what I wanted. Turns out that I needed two BT-400's, but I now have one of the (what I assume to be) few bluetooth enabled Tanksticks.
The BT-400 is ultra compact at 2"x2-5/8"x1" (approx). It ALWAYS pairs seamlessly and effortlessly with my Win10 machines. The included instructions are clear, concise and were apparently composed by someone whose first language is English - so refreshing. Sure, I tried some keyboards and mice as well, and they all reported accurately.
One of my reservations with going wireless for old school arcade gaming was latency. When you are shooting centipedes or sniping in Gyruss, Galaxian or Galaga, you need to shoot and move without lagging. Good news - no detectable latency.
Awesome product, supported by great staff. I would not hesitate to purchase anything else Handheld Scientific offers. Period.

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I am interested in knowing about experiences from anyone who used this together with a HHKB Pro 2.

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I have a BT-400 that I use to hook up a Pok3r to my iPad via Bluetooth. It does work well, however I have found that it's battery life isn't nearly as good as, say, the battery in a Plum Nano 75. I find that I have to recharge the BT-400 after only a day or so of use, and that's not even heavy use, but merely having the Pok3r connected, with the BT-400 in sleep mode most of the time. Compare that to a Plum Nano 75 keyboard which I only have to charge about every 7-10 days under the same conditions. Consequently, I have resorted to leaving the BT-400 hooked up permanently to my desktop PC USB hub for power (this works even with the Pok3r attached).