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Re: [IC] DSA Moonlit (More Renders??)
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Re: [IC] DSA Moonlit (Update 4/7/18)
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Hey everyone! I got an update for you!!! It's also in the main post if too if you want to stare at some of the pictures there too!

UPDATE!!! 4/7/18
The set it not dead! I have been pretty busy with life stuff, starting a new position at work and I want this set to be 100% ready for a GB so if life hits again I have all the answers and can quickly help everyone out.
  • I have gotten some guaranteed novelty designs now and they are up! May get one or two depending on how I feel, but these were confirmed possible by SP
  • The kits have been slightly modified, please give them a once over to see if there is anything missing (or redundant) or anything that you want to see there!
  • I have plans to get higher quality renders to really show off this kit, along with making it more known in the community so that when the GB launches it will hit MOQ easily!
  • There is a vendor in place, but I'm going to keep it a secret as no official GB talks have happened between us as the set has been delayed
  • Keep an eye out for the next month or two as I aim to update this thread at least every other week with what's happening
  • I hope to have the GB ready around June as you all might have some hurting wallets with some of the great sets being released soon (I know I'm a great guy)

I'm in. That is all.


Thanks you too! I'm not done with this and I will for sure be making it happen!![/list]

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Re: [IC] DSA Moonlit (Update 4/7/18)
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You should consider making moon phase novelties. For the num row or numpad