Author Topic: Topre Realforce 104UW review (Topre variable-weight capacitive)  (Read 4788 times)

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Finally I get to review this board! Hope you enjoy the video :) .

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Re: Topre Realforce 104UW review (Topre variable-weight capacitive)
« Reply #1 on: Mon, 09 July 2018, 05:42:34 »
Nice review. I like the comment about mechanical/non-mechanical keyboards. This common oversimplification really annoys me.

I also just got a similar keyboard (silenced though). I really like it. Regarding the tactile feel; I find the BKE domes very tactile (too much so for me actually), maybe you’d like them. The ultra lights feel a bit lighter than the 45 g Topre domes, but they're more tactile. I'd really only consider using the ultra lights or lights in any of my keyboards. I installed one of each in the modifiers to the right of the spacebar.

With regards to silenced vs. non-silenced Topre, I really can’t stand the former. I actually bought the keyboard to move some of the purple sliders to a black HHKB Pro 2 that I use at work.