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Joystick Issues in 3.1 PU
« on: Sat, 20 October 2018, 15:37:20 »

So I've come across an issue that has cost me my ships twice now and I'm tired of waiting for the cooldown timer. Basically I get in any ship, I turn it on, and I am able to do EVERYTHING with my joystick except turn the damn ship.

I can free look all around, fire primary  and secondary weapons, pretty much everything except make the ship point a different direction. I can still steer with the mouse so I'm not in free-look lock. ALTHOUGH if I go in 3rd person, the camera behaves as if it's in 3rd person lock when I use my joystick to just move without holding "z".

Rebooting the game didnt help. Unplugging the joystick didn't help. Am I just unlucky and can't play the 3.1 PU with a joystick? Any advice is appreciated!

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