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Re: Trackball: CST L-Trac or CH DT225
« Reply #50 on: Thu, 01 November 2018, 14:05:34 »
Here ya go! Just shot it. As you can probably notice, I'm not really doing anything on the computer, just messing around a bit, running through the DPI settings, demonstrating the scrolling.
I have the top external button mapped to the main-click, bottom external is right-click, mouse right button is "browser back". Center and left mouse buttons are default (click-scroll and right-click respectively).

I realize watching the vid now that it doesn't look comfortable, looks like my hand is stretched over the mouse. That's certainly not the case! I put the external buttons along the side of the mouse because it feels more natural to let my thumb hang off the side and "pull in" towards the mouse to click, rather than push down for the regular mouse buttons.

I also noticed that whenever I scroll, my whole hand shifts up a bit on the mouse to reach the scroll wheel. Somehow this feels very natural.

I will say that the first couple of times I used this mouse (before I added the side-switches), I had a sort of ache in my hand afterward. Like you get after a good gym session. This went away, and I assume that it was due to the fact that I was using different muscles than I used to use to mouse, and they had to "tone in" a bit. Either way, it doesn't happen any more and I couldn't be more pleased with this trackball.

Sorry for the shoddy video quality, is was shot with my Nikon still-camera. If you would like a better vid, simply mention it and I'll be more than happy to shoot a sequence tonight with my Sony SR11. :)


EDIT: Had some extra time so decided to shoot the higher-quality upload anyway, her it is! Still not great, but HD takes too long to upload.

Do you have a link to where I can find that extra button attachment?
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