Author Topic: Determining the Thinkpad's x220 trackpoint pinout  (Read 676 times)

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Determining the Thinkpad's x220 trackpoint pinout
« on: Sat, 29 December 2018, 06:15:56 »
Hey geekhack,
I'm trying to determine the pinout of the Thinkpad's x220 trackpoint module. Here's a couple of pics:,
In this website, there are some of the other thinkpad's trackpoints pinouts:
As you can see, my trackpoint seems to be a mix between the LVC9 TrackPoint and the R61 TrackPoint.
I'm very new to electronics, how can I test those pins? My main goal is to connect it to the Arduino Pro Micro to use it with an Atreus layout.
Also, as a side note: Do you have any recommendations/tutorial on how to solder things this little? I've only soldered things a lot bigger, and I'm afraid that my clumsiness will ruin some of these parts.
Thanks a lot in advance!