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Hi All,
I'm warlock983.  I can't say I ever imagined I would be here, particularly after scoffing at custom keycaps for the last 7 years on (Mass)Drop...but here I am!  HAHAHA!!

I started down the rabbit hole a few months ago and have been picking up mostly caps and trying to learn about profiles, materials, and all the parts that go into a board.  I've picked up a few boards, in the following order:

1.  DAS Keyboard X50Q refurbished - weird Omron Gamma Zulu switches to keep modifications down on the first dive
2.  DAS Keyboard Prime 13 - Cherry browns to start playing with keycaps - currently loaded with drop x Zambumon Serika MT3's except the numpad which is a white/red Tai-Hao PBT set since the Serika's were out and I found a sweet Massdrop x MiTo Godspeed spacebar kit to equip it with :)
3.  IKBC Poker II - Cherry blues to check out the clicky noise - not a fan of the noise or the 60% form factor

I'm sure I'll have some questions on where to find some 100% custom board parts down the road (base, plate, pcb) to build a nice custom board.  Seems like a lot of the parts/boards are done in runs and you have to be in the right place/right time to pick them up.