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Hello from Sydney!
« on: Fri, 26 June 2020, 09:52:54 »
Hello everyone!

After finally deciding to get a custom mechanical keyboard, I came across this forum and decided I wanted to be a part of it.

I've owned a mechanical keyboard since 2012 (Coolermaster Quickfire Rapid w/ Cherry Blacks) but never really thought about joining a community or even having the kind of interest I would have with mechanical keyboards up until a few year ago. I use the computer quite a lot as I work in CAD alot and coming from a design background, began to realise the potential of mechanical keyboards being something unique to an individual.

I've had the same Coolermaster keyboard since 2012 and counting, having only replaced the keycaps around the time I discovered the world of custom keyboards in 2017. I did also try to replace said keyboard and bought a KBParadise V60 with Cherry Blues, but found out that I didn't like the 60% layout as it made me work less efficiently and I couldn't live with the missing keys.

This year, I have finally dipped into building my own keyboard and bought a Monstargear Arc XD Light, with Aliaz switches and GMK Peach Blossom keycaps. Currently waiting on the switches and keycaps but the board has arrived and it looks beautiful (dw about the kailh box browns, came free with the keyboard) ;D

I look forward to seeing all the different kinds of keyboards everyone has and I hope to learn from the community :D