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[IC] DSA Void Hunter
« on: Fri, 20 August 2021, 01:44:07 »

-Welcome to the interest check for DSA Void Hunter-
Straight from the depths of the void comes the Void Hunter. A keycap set inspired by space bounty hunters and galactic monsters. Blast your way out from ruthless waves of aliens with these double shot keycaps made of ABS. 
Interest Form

2765 C - 7672 C - 2354 C
-Base Set-

The base kit has compatibility for TKL, 75%, 65%, 60% and some 40% boards along with support for F13 boards and Alice layouts.
-Num Pad-

Child kit to add the standard number pad keys.
-40s Kit-

Small add on to fully support popular 40% keyboards when added to the base kit.

Novelties set featuring custom other-worldly hieroglyphics to add a pop of void to your keyboard. All designs are by me.
TBA open for collaborations
All renders were created by me.
*Renders may not depict final product.
-Whimsy by PRKNS-

-Fuji 65 by CMM Studio-

-Maya by Vulcan-

—TKC1800 by The Key Company-

-Candybar by The Key Company-

NA: Pending
CA: Pending
EU: Pending
UK: Pending
OCE: Pending
CN: Pending
KR: Pending
SEA: Pending
Contact Me
Discord: Exembe #3649
Instagram: buzzmosa
Thanks to everyone in the Keycap Designers discord for all your help.
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Re: [IC] DSA Void Hunter
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