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[IC]CAT 65 - collaborate with:3ildcat
« on: Fri, 18 August 2023, 10:35:05 »
CAT 65🐈

A cute keyboard with spring mount, collaborate with :3ildcat

Hello everyone, I'm Jacky. Today, I'm introducing our team's latest creation, the Cat 65. I'm honored to collaborate with my good friend, :3ildcat.We started this project last year,
and after almost a year, this is our third version of the design,on this project. With the cat as the centraltheme of this animal-inspired design,we made numerous attempts to refine its appearance and pattern.

●We started by reimagining the design, preserving the distinctive features of the :3ildcat pattern while incorporating our interpretation of a cat.We aimed to depict thecat as adorable, aligning it with our keyboard design language.
●Those familiar with our work know that we value wide borders, simplicity, and aesthetics. Hence,we designed a cute and plump cat that seems to be smiling at you.
●The keyboard incorporates new curve designs, maintaining a clean and broad front view.
●The bottom is designed to match the top cover's arc, ensuring consistency and beauty.

Let's take a look at its rendered image!

Inner Structure

This time, we tried something new regarding the inner structure's fixation method. We've adopted a spring fixation structure:

●The bottom has springs that act as support points for the positioning plate.
●Between the spring and the positioning plate, we've fixed silicone particles to act as buffers(both the silicone and springs are custom-made).
●Horizontally, we've taken measures to prevent lateral movement. This doesn't mean your inner structure will be immobile;it will only move within a reasonable range without affecting the springs.
●Vertically, the downward pressure ensures the springs are held firmly in place. Compared to the gasket,it offers better fatigue resistance, consistent touch, and quicker rebound. The spring is twisted and fixed to the bottom pillar (repeated disassembly might cause some wear, which is normal).We will offer three custom spring strengths.
●Inside the bottom shell, there will be a unique nameplate. We will also provide a 0.5mm copper sheet for the bottom, which has been found to improve the internal sound after multiple tests, but YMMV (the copper sheet is optional).
●This time, stainless steel weights come as standard. You can choose between pvd black or pvd silver (aluminum and brass weights are available for an additional purchase)


Pcb layout

Pcb:hotswap and solder , both QMK and VIA compatible
plate :pc and Aqua glass fiber FR4
Mohs scale :glass fiber  ≈alu >pcb fr4>pc


We will choose five out of seven colors


Gem black

Apple silver


Mist pink


Mint Green

Groupbuy time:September October

Price : 359USD -- Quantity :TBD

 FE   :  499USD  - 20 black Founders Edition units,
featuring high-gloss chamfers and a unique nameplate.
Buyers can customize their nameplate!

If you have purchased any two products of JACKY DESIGN,
you will have a discount of 50 USD, thank you again for your patronage!

IC form



Fast news




If you are interested please fill out the form !
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Re: [IC]CAT 65 - Spring mount keyboard
« Reply #1 on: Fri, 18 August 2023, 10:39:24 »
Where prototype?

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Re: [IC]CAT 65 - Spring mount keyboard
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Re: [IC]CAT 65 - Spring mount keyboard
« Reply #3 on: Sat, 19 August 2023, 10:16:51 »
Cat keyboard but no orange option :(

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Re: [IC]CAT 65 - Spring mount keyboard
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Re: [IC]CAT 65 - Spring mount keyboard
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Where prototype?
Patty (Xinxinwong) is doing a build in this very moment.