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    Hi Everyone!

    The GB is reaching to the end, and we will start preparing the production as soon as GB orders confirmed. If you are interested in the set, please do not miss the chance :)

    Keyno Y8 Gallery

    Heat coloring version

    CNC raw version

    Standard version

    Keyno Y8 New Photos and Showcase Video

    * Keyno Y8 Detail Photos

    * Showcase video

    Keyno Y8 GB Price

    * Heat coloring version: 399 USD

    * CNC raw version: 349 USD

    * Standard version: 349 USD

    Keyno Y8 Streamers Schedule

    * Alexotos, Heat coloring version-Silver color

    * Apiary,Standard version-Green color

    * Xinxinwong, Standard version-Purple color

    * Clackbait, Standard version- cream color

    * CG, Standard version- black color & CNC raw version

    * :3ildcat

    The Design Language

    This time, the pursuit of balance is the theme of Y8 -- Keyno

    • Balance of appearance design
    • Balance of structural design

    Appearance design

    The design of Y8 is restrained and minimal. There is no pattern, no text, no lights, only the use of geometric elements, such as bars, squares, triangles, and trapezoids.

    In order to achieve the unity of the overall design language, we added "no printing" bar-shaped design elements in all dimensions of the keyboard, so that the Y8 will not appear excessively redundant while maintaining a refreshing design sense. By adjusting the proportion of the frame to achieve a visual balance, adding a badge accent under the function keys, so that the entire front design will not be so monotonous.

    The position of the top and bottom case is equally divided in the middle, and the linear exposed design of the middle case improves the layering of the side and back of the keyboard. The back uses triangles and trapezoids as the main elements, making the Y8 shape consistency to a higher level.

    Structural Design

    The new hassle-free Screwless Design

    Screwless design is definitely the one makes the overall design clean. But its more easier to have screw and plate/switches interference problem. Y8 has made the screw sinking lower to avoid such situations, and adjusted the ratio so that the screw hardly falls directly into the case.

    Hassle-free Sinking Screw Design

    Internal "Waffle" Brass Weight

    Due to natural structure of 80% layout, the hollow cavity sound in the area between the arrow keys and the function keys has always been a headache.

    In response to this pain point, the first version of the Y8 sample adopts a large-area flat brass weight to solve this problem. But it has not reached the point that our team is satisfied with. Finally, we are inspired by the design of concert halls echo walls (absorbing sound waves and reducing noisy echoes), we modified the flat brass weight to the current "Waffler" design, through the influence of its structure on the sound, the cavity sound of Y8 can be hardly noticed.

    Waffle Brass Weight Photo

    1mm PCB, thick black core (no flex cut)

    Improve the keyboard's rebound by applying a 1mm PCB, combined with the PCB's non-flex cut design for a more consistent overall feel.

    1mm Hot-swap PCB


    Wired Soldered PCB

    Wired Hotswap PCB

    Standard Colored, Heat Coloring and Raw Aluminium Edition

    Specifications Edition

    * Typing angle: 8 degrees

    * Dimension: 361.70x137.66X18 mm

    * Front Height: 18 mm

    * Weight (unbuilt):

      Y8 Standard version - 2.3 kg,

     Y8 Heat coloring version -2.7 kg

    * Case material: 6063 Aluminum

    * Mounting Method: Gasket Mount

    * Support WK/WKL layout

    PCB Specifications

    * Hot-swap PCB: 1 mm, thick black core (no flex cut)

    * QMK/VIA support

    * WK/WKL layout

    * ESD Protection

    Thank you again! and  join the Y8 discord channel in Wuque Studios Discord server for more discussions and updates. Thank you.[/list]
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    definitely interesting. the heat colored version is definitely something
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    how is the 1mm pcb's compatibility with 1.2mm? will shims be needed or is it close enough?

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    I imagine washers will be enough for 1.2 on 1mm

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    Which front height?

    Nice colors. And F13 supremacy  :thumb:

    I wanna see pictures of the PCB.

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    interested to see how that 1mm pcb will fair, i'll check out Alex's stream later tonight. although screwless is not my fave i'm glad to see the interference will be addressed.

    waffle weight is pretty dope if it doesn't add a bunch of cost. i like the simple-ish design elements & how it looks kina chonky ;D

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    Xinxinwong is building the Purple one, right now:

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    Hey - any chance to get the accent pieces as addons?

    CNC Raw convinced me to buy the keyno

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    so a 1mm PCB, do you plan on including shims as well?
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    so a 1mm PCB, do you plan on including shims as well?

    The builds that were seen on YT have shims included in the box