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Replacing click switches
« on: Sun, 10 October 2021, 03:55:33 »
I replaced the left and right click on my Roccat mouse that was failing and it is a whole nother mouse!  It is really amazing how much of a difference it is in just the overall pleasure to use it.  There is more resistance than even with the original stock switches and they are more tactile.   I upgraded to OmronD2FC-F-7N (10).  I don't know why all manufacturers  for enthusiast/gaming mice don't upgrade to higher quality switches.  Their margins can't be that slim. 

Anyways, they do make (20M) and (50M) rated switches as well.  Is there any added benefit to purchasing these as opposed to the (10M)?  And do you guys have a favorite switch?  The cost difference is of course negligable. I will probably swap out all the switches in my mice for these better ones
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Re: Replacing click switches
« Reply #1 on: Sun, 10 October 2021, 22:06:08 »
There's a lot of info here about this:

I and others have found that while 50M sounds better, the higher the lifespan the more intolerant they seem to abuse, and being used in mice is quite abusive to these switches. However it could also be just the situation regarding them has changed, as the numbers went up, voltage and amps went down while switch precision went up. not only are we physically busing these switches, manufacturers are running at below the recommended amperage for these switches to work well or last that lifespan.

By the way, some mice like the Logitech G700 are incredibly difficult to replace switches in, I recommend looking at disassembly of any mouse before you order switches because the money may be better spent just buying a new mouse when the switch goes bad, as was the case with the G700.
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