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[GB] Crin
« on: Thu, 16 December 2021, 13:33:26 »
Original Post has been moved to the post below to prioritize updates

Updatessss (MM/DD/YYYY Format):

03/24/2022 -- Production has been arranged/started.
07/16/2022 -- 90% of the boards have been machined
09/09/2022 -- Anodizing has been finished and the boards are ready to be shipped to vendors. We are still waiting on pcb and bags to be completely finished up!
11/17/2022 -- I got a message the other day from Deskhero that the Crins are in his hands! I'm not sure about other vendors, but I wouldn't be surprised if they start shipping very soon™️
12/05/2022 -- Most vendors should be shipping out the boards now. The project should be fulfilled by 2023.
01/08/2023 -- Most vendors should have fulfilled, if the board hasn't arrived to you please check in with the latest status with your local vendor, otherwise, be on the lookout for extras!
02/06/2023 -- Same status as last month. Be on the lookout for extras!
03/10/2023 -- Final update; Boards should be fulfilled with all vendors, this board's plate files are available on my github. And extras are still available as of this writing.
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Re: [GB] Crin
« Reply #1 on: Thu, 16 December 2021, 13:33:41 »

Hi Geekhack, I'm Bachoo. I've made a rectangle. Please consider, and thank you for taking time out of your day to take a look.

IC Thread
Bachoo Discord

Group Buy Information

The group buy will begin on:
Cannonkeys - December 18th @ 11am EST
Deskhero - December 18th - December 18th
iLumkb - December 18th
prototypist - December 18th
DailyClack - December 18th

Extra addons will be available for the whole duration even if the base kits sell out sooner.
There will be 300 units TOTAL.
This will be a RAFFLE FORMAT for the majority of the vendors, Cannonkeys is using their own checkout system for this buy ( Prototypist will be doing FCFS and for the first few minutes it will be region locked. The raffle once it begins will stay open for 1 WEEK.

Base kit - $395 + shipping

The base kit includes:
-Case top (WK or WKL) and bottom (Anodized Aluminum -- Black, Rose Gold, Wine Red, Navy)
-Plate (Anodized aluminum - Silver)
-PCB (Designed by Aeternus, QMK/VIA compatible, SOLDER ONLY)
-UDB with JST cable
-All screws needed to assemble the keyboard
-Hard carrying case

PCB (No UDB) - $50
Aluminum Plate (5052 Anodized Silver) - $50
Polycarbonate Plate (Sandblasted) - $50
Carbon Fiber Plate - $50
Daughterboard + JST Cable - $6
Extra feet - $4

Cannonkeys- US, Central & South America
Deskhero - Canada
Prototypist - UK - Europe
iLumkb - SEA/Asia
DailyClack - Australia

The current ETA of fulfillment is ~Q4 2022
This is subject to change as the unexpected can always happen.
I will keep everyone up to date on the status of things as we go.
That said, if you have questions please consider joining my discord server, as I tend to post new information there before I can get to GH because it's a bit easier.



- Case: 6063 Alu
- Colors: Black, Rose Gold, Wine Red, Navy
- Typing angle: 7°
- Width: 362.23mm
- Height: 20.53mm (front), 34.7mm (back)
- Weight: Approximately 1.519kg, depending on configuration
- Plate mounting style: Top Mount

Click to view renders of color options:

If you're not a fan of the flower design, you will have an option to remove it.


The PCB for this kit was designed by Aeternus

ARM MCU, STM32 based
QMK/VIA compatibility
ESD protection
Daughterboard: Unified C3 (USB C – Centered)
No hotswap avail
Note: Underglow is not supported as all units will be aluminum

Plate files will be released once the GB is completed for anyone who wants other materials

I have made some changes from the proto I have vs the final production board, the changes made are purely aesthetic (flower size adjustment). I will also be sending my v2 prototypes to these streamers:

- Blacksimon
- Shoobs
- Alexotos
- Lulzthax

Here is a typing test of the v1 proto for those that are interested:

Here are some photos of the v2 prototype, please note that there are small aesthetic changes that I've made since this proto.

For updates, continue to follow this thread or join my discord server:

My vendors for taking this project on!
Cardinal for designing the engraving, you always do great work bro.
Taylor/Aeternus for designing the pcb like always, wizardry.
Snomo for design input and bouncing ideas off of
Nathanalphaman for existing

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Re: [GB] Crin
« Reply #2 on: Thu, 16 December 2021, 13:45:58 »
Very lit

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Re: [GB] Crin
« Reply #3 on: Thu, 16 December 2021, 13:52:13 »
Love the layout!

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Re: [GB] Crin
« Reply #4 on: Fri, 17 December 2021, 10:06:01 »
Just saw this on CK's website. Looking good! Good luck with the sale.

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Re: [GB] Crin
« Reply #5 on: Fri, 17 December 2021, 11:05:42 »
So good
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Re: [GB] Crin
« Reply #6 on: Fri, 17 December 2021, 20:07:39 »
Like the board but too expensive for a board without a weight for me, hopefully CK brutalist series will make an frowless for me soon
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Re: [GB] Crin
« Reply #7 on: Sun, 19 December 2021, 01:55:43 »

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Re: [GB] Crin
« Reply #8 on: Sun, 19 December 2021, 08:17:23 »
Bachoo boards always very nice :D

Now to wait for Q4 2022...

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Re: [GB] Crin
« Reply #9 on: Tue, 21 December 2021, 21:03:42 »
Last keyboard of 2021!

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Re: [GB] Crin
« Reply #10 on: Tue, 25 January 2022, 10:27:32 »
I know it's exceptionally early, but if anyone wants to trade a WKL no logo black for a WKL no logo navy, let me know!