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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #850 on: Tue, 04 February 2020, 08:03:09 »
Hi there. I'm new here

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #851 on: Tue, 04 February 2020, 23:37:34 »
Not so new, but newer to using Geekhack, my name's Justin and I'm in the Vancouver MK community. I am starting to run meetups locally and stuff

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #852 on: Sun, 09 February 2020, 02:09:03 »
Hello, I bought a Corsair K95 RGB a couple of years ago, not knowing much about keyboards.

Then I discovered Drop (Massdrop at the time) and I was kind of curious/surprised that that people care enough about keyboards but didn't think much more of it.

Then I bought a Macbook Pro a couple of weeks ago and was looking for better keyboards. I saw the Keychron K2 (I don't think I will buy but it is cool) and watched many YouTube videos, discovered popular creators and watched builds. That's when I was becoming more obsessed. I discovered this forum and many websites for buying keyboards and related parts. Since I am interested in how the community works for things like the group buys, I decided I should just join rather than being a lurker.

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #853 on: Thu, 13 February 2020, 01:00:39 »
Hi everyone! Im new here and starting out putting together the Practice 65 (lol). I already have my eye on some nicer boards. Thanks for creating this amazing community

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #854 on: Sat, 15 February 2020, 10:44:31 »
Ayo, new here, owned a few mech's - DasKeyboard, Pok3r, Zeal-build... Good times...

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #855 on: Wed, 19 February 2020, 14:05:11 »

I'm an average Canadian zoomer. Something that I love doing is playing video games I play games like CallofDuty of course, Starcraft 2 and anything made form Valve. That natural lead down the dark yet satisfying path of custom mechanical keyboards. I soon realized I was constantly looking at reddit post of people's GBs and ICs, sick custom built keyboards and stream highlights of people test typing thier freshly lube switches. I was addicted. I'm so happy to of found this community.

Anyways I'm hoping everyone is as nice as they say they are. JK

Stay lit, :thumb:

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #856 on: Tue, 25 February 2020, 01:34:04 »
Hello, I just joined the group.Hope everyone is doing well!

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #857 on: Sat, 07 March 2020, 09:04:42 »
hello from ohio excited to do my first gp on the arctic kat set can't wait

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #858 on: Sat, 14 March 2020, 16:19:47 »
Hi there from Italy!

Just got into this world...looking forward to learn something for my first build!

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #859 on: Mon, 16 March 2020, 12:20:03 »
Aww, I just reactivated my account because wanted to buy something now I have to wait... Anyways, hello all!

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #860 on: Wed, 01 April 2020, 13:13:45 »
Complete scrubnub here waddling through the keycap. Any keyboard lifeguards that can help me understand? Too many acronyms I don't understand, along with too many questions to ask pls help XC.
 :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #861 on: Thu, 02 April 2020, 04:01:16 »
Hi there.

New user here but been looking around for quite some time.

Just bought a IBM Model M (ISO-PT). Let's see how that's going to go.

Greetings from Portugal.

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #862 on: Sun, 05 April 2020, 17:45:07 »
Hello, have been learning, enjoying the forum, and watching the GBs.  :cool:

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #863 on: Thu, 09 April 2020, 19:46:19 »
Hi everyone, I've was introduced to the mechanical keyboard community a year ago, and I've been hooked ever since :p

I'm interested in getting my first custom keeb thru a GB, and I enjoy the whole process of this hobby: looking at each IC become a GB and then seeing people post photos of the final product when they receive it--that to me is what's so rewarding about this hobby and community.

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #864 on: Sat, 11 April 2020, 03:48:56 »
Hello! I have recently been exposed to the world of custom keyboards and I would like to learn as much as I can about making my own one day! I know that my wallet will hurt but my I will be happy! :)

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #865 on: Tue, 14 April 2020, 01:31:56 »
Hey everyone who reads! I am a SUPER recent member to the world of mechanical keyboards and am looking forward to owning a custom keyboard of my own. I have a lot to learn and I hope this site can help me do just that, and possibly find some group buys to get myself started. If you have any recommendations for a novice like me, feel free to let me know. It would be much appreciated :)

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #866 on: Thu, 16 April 2020, 05:06:03 »
Hi everyone, I'm new to the custom mechanical keyboard world but from the outside looking in it looks super intresting and wallet emptying.

I'm looking to build my first custom mech board and have already ordered my first set of switches (Holy Panda's) on Drop. I'm now looking for a kit build for a 1800 compact design board. Should be fun trying to get on the next available group buy for one.

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #867 on: Mon, 20 April 2020, 00:34:14 »
Hello there, after long saving, planning and watching videos of building a PC i was able to complete my daughter's PC. She is currently using it with a DUCKY Mecha Mini. And now since I am planning to build my own PC I stumbled upon custom built keyboards. I have been interested ever since watching videos of building keyboards and trying to learn and envy those beautiful built pieces. Hopefully I would be able to build 1 for myself. I can say it is an expensive hobby, but i think it is worth it.

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #868 on: Mon, 20 April 2020, 18:12:57 »
very happy to stumble upon this website. been building keyboards for a couple years and had no idea there was an organized community lol. been binging some taeha streams for the past month when i found all this

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #869 on: Mon, 20 April 2020, 20:42:20 »
What's up friends? I've jumped feet first into this hobby since about the past month.

Currently using a Minivan Kumo and waiting on a Niu Mini kit to come in. Really digging the 40% boards for sure.

Looking forward to being around and learning more! Hope you all have a great day and are well!

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #870 on: Wed, 22 April 2020, 04:35:45 »
You're the best for offering this stunning information to us. This site is awesome. I generally discover incredible information from it.

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #871 on: Tue, 28 April 2020, 14:08:02 »
Hello there. I've never been a true gamer. I never even liked computers.
But as a student I'm learning how to code and I absolutely fell in love with the ICT world.
I stumbled across r/mk on reddit and now I'm too far down the rabbit hole...

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #872 on: Sun, 03 May 2020, 19:39:18 »
Hi I'm new hear but I'm a long ish time lerker over in r/mk

I love custom Keebs & have lots of ideas but not much funds to support them all. 

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #873 on: Wed, 06 May 2020, 08:53:02 »
Hi there,

I'm Oliver. New to Geekhack, long time lurker in reddit r/mk & reddit in general. I love smol keebs, design & photography. By the power of these 3 and financial irresponsibility combined, i now make custom cables for this glorious community. If you want to check out my work, head over to

Thanks for reading or maybe checking out my stuff and have a great time! :)

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #874 on: Mon, 11 May 2020, 01:52:45 »
hey all i am very new to here ....platform for Keyboards enthusiasts
I am working as Telecommunications Specialist
 at is place for all who needs technical jobs and it is a place for all tech employers.

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #875 on: Mon, 18 May 2020, 19:12:44 »
Hey folks!
I entered the world of PC building and hardware a few months ago which led me to the custom keyboard community very recently. I got hooked instantly and have been doing not stop research to hopefully build my first keyboard soon!

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #876 on: Mon, 25 May 2020, 01:36:45 »
Hi crazy Keyboard ppl  :D

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #877 on: Wed, 27 May 2020, 21:15:50 »
Hi there,

new member here, got poison by friend after purchase a keychron K4. Currently looking for amazing keycaps in this forum.

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #878 on: Fri, 05 June 2020, 11:51:35 »
Hello world!
looking for a keyboard with the following criteria
Fully programmable via QMK
CHERRY MX switch, KAILH Box Switch or other switches
Wireless via Bluetooth
CNC Aluminum case
PBT Keycaps
Standard ANSI layout
Looking for mechanical keyboard end game!

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #879 on: Mon, 15 June 2020, 11:22:45 »
Hi all. I'm Slim. Long time lurker on reddit r/MechanicalKeyboards and GeekHack. Always have been interested in the community but found it intimidating. Waiting on a shipment from KBD fans so I can build my first board.

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #880 on: Tue, 16 June 2020, 09:08:03 »
Hey guys, hope everyone is doing well 

I'm a newbie who just discovered this niche market/hobby of custom keyboards and keycaps just several days ago and I've fallen down the rabbit hole of YouTube videos, group buy websites etc and I'm finding it amazing! 

I'm a uni student in my final year of an advertising degree aspiring to be an Art Director. I've chosen to complete my final capstone assessment developing a campaign for a custom keyboard & Keycap business in this niche market.

I am excited to learn more about this hobby, the market, the businesses within it, the competition etc and over my next semester I would compile a complete research, design, copywriting, strategy, production, social media campaign with a 5000 word case study and rationale for submission. But I need some assistance and/or direction on understanding the keyboard designers and keycap designers workflow and design intricacies.

Usually if an advertising agency works with a client in this industry they would be obtain the 3d renderings, CAD drawings, and any templates they use for advertising/art direction use to execute the design requirements of a campaign.

Is there anyone here who designs keyboards [render and CAD] and keycaps [renders] who is kind enough to connect with me and be one of my industry sources to assist me in developing the visuals or provide me with templates for the above mentioned that could be used visually for my uni assessment?

I don't know this industry well and don't have any contacts yet to provide suggestions, recommendations, and/or who are willing to assist with their experience.

I may require basic keyboard and keycap layout templates I'm assuming [not sure if anything more is required] as I will put together a complete strategy and art direction roll out for a business in this field/niche from social media to video production and much more over the coming semester.

Here is my current online portfolio which will be updated with my work as i progress in my course: 

Can anyone assist me? recommend anyone to contact? your assistance is greatly appreciated.

I'm excited to see what I can develop with this project I'm undertaking and any designers who would like to connect with me is welcome to via DM or my discord #ramy9531

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #881 on: Fri, 19 June 2020, 01:20:12 »
Hi everybody, I finally got tired of only ending up here after google searches or links on r/mk, so here I am! I just built my first custom, an alu low-profile tada68 with gateron silent inks and EPBT keycaps, and I'm in loooove. I feel the pull of wanting more keyboard projects to work on, so we'll see what happens next. Halp.
"I like my keyboards thunderous and my plates stiff." -Maledicted

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #882 on: Sat, 20 June 2020, 15:07:00 »
Henlo! I'm a noob keeb. Nice to meet you.  ;)

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #883 on: Mon, 22 June 2020, 06:42:09 »

My name is Helder Pimenta from Portugal.
I'm a newbie enthusiast on mechanical keyboards.

Hello everybody.

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #884 on: Mon, 22 June 2020, 09:11:32 »
Hello everyone !  we are ALLDDE ,the new keyboard lover . Our new works will be available soon. Also our first works!  Please~ please ~ support us ! Thank you so much !  Love you all .. GIAO!  :) :p :p [ Specified attachment is not available ]

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #885 on: Tue, 23 June 2020, 00:06:41 »
New user here. Started with a Drop CTRL (kailh box whites), moved on to an Akko 3084 and more recently to the Keebio TKL (unbranded Rakk Lam-Ang Pro), again with the box whites. Have some gateron yellows on the way with some spesh from krelbit. Should be fun to do my first full switch lube project.

Planning to build a 65% once vendors start carrying parts again. Oh, and anxious to get the GMK MoDo 2 keycaps.

Yeah, I’m all over the place here.  :p

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #886 on: Tue, 23 June 2020, 07:11:37 »
Hi all! Have been a lurker here for a while now and finally decided to sign up as a member after I got tips to procure my latest addition to the herd in the form of a Varmilo VA87M with MX clears. This is actually my 4th MKB. My first is a CM QFR-i with MX red, second a KBT Race 2 with MX blue and the third, a Ducky One TKL RGB with MX brown. I've more or less settled my preference towards tactile switches.

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #887 on: Sat, 04 July 2020, 19:58:02 »
Woohoo! I'm happy to be here!

More fun *clicks* to come
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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #888 on: Sun, 05 July 2020, 21:41:07 »
Hi Everyone!! I'm new here.. I hope you'll take it easy on me. :D

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #889 on: Thu, 09 July 2020, 12:17:21 »
Hello everyone!

I've totally fallen for this hobby and want to get my keeb on.

I'm from and live in South Africa so if anyone has tips on ordering outside of the big boi countries let me know!

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #890 on: Fri, 10 July 2020, 00:25:45 »
Hi everyone, thanks for the info

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #891 on: Sun, 12 July 2020, 02:55:35 »
Henry from Oceanside.

I am Just falling down the rabbit hole of custom Keyboards. For the last couple of months I have been spoiled by using a 1986 Model M while working from home. Now I have started on a quest to get something I can use at work that feels similar without getting me kicked out of the cube farm :)

I also like to tinker with mechanical and Electronic stuff and have a small machine shop in my garage in case anybody out there needs some help with their mods  ;D
Henry von Tresckow

1986 Model M 1390131, 1987 Model M 1391401 , 1993 Model M2 Modded Reddragon k556(Test Mule) Boston Prototype x2 (Daily Drivers :) )

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #892 on: Wed, 15 July 2020, 12:59:06 »
Hello, there I am new here. I came to new about this keyboard world for a few months. But last month I started watching taeha types, and watched almost every video and from there started watching other YouTubers. The lubed keyboard sounds got me. Fast forward 2 weeks later already ordered my first custom mechanical keyboard. And yes this is a really expensive hobby. I never in my entire life thought I would spend $100 on a keyboard but here I am. Starting a great journey towards being broke.

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #893 on: Thu, 16 July 2020, 09:51:40 »
hey guys how are you all going!
iv been in the keyboard community for couple of years now and built GOD KNOWS HOW MANY keeebs for myself and my friends! but now i am thinking of venturing in to another area of keebs (manufacturing parts and bringing new inovation to the scene and community) too long i have just enjoyed other peoples hard work! now im going to do some work so others can enjoy!

well thats my little introduction (not even sure if this is the correct place to do it haha) but yeah thats why im here iv put off joining geekhack for years and now i finally made it :)
thank you for reading!

here is my current fav keryboard (acrylic alice) 247383-0

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #894 on: Sat, 18 July 2020, 15:55:01 »
hi everyone i gotta stop lurking bc if i miss out on one more gb i'm gonna explode  :-[

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #895 on: Sun, 19 July 2020, 02:58:14 »
Hello everyone, I've been lurking here and r/mk for quite sometime time. Decided to become a member and learn from the masters :)

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #896 on: Fri, 24 July 2020, 06:19:50 »
Heck! I bought my first 'budget board' which cost me over $230 USD lol! KP Republic XD84. I LOVE IT but it's still crazy to think this is just a beginner, budget friendly option. Good luck to my bank account! xD Hoping to get an exclusive board next.

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #897 on: Fri, 24 July 2020, 20:12:16 »
Excited to start! I recently decided to build my own hot swappable keyboard. I'm still waiting for my parts to come in, but I cannot wait (I see that "patience is a virtue" really applies to this hobby). My girlfriend is kinda getting into keyboards also. I'm borrowing my friend's switch tester and she is obsessed with how the Zealios V2 feel. She was thinking about building one also but doesn't think it is worth it because she only has a Macbook Pro that she uses. Can't wait to see where this forum takes me and my wallet!

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #898 on: Fri, 31 July 2020, 14:34:36 »
Hello world!  Fell into the rabbit hole about a year ago.  Been lurking here for a while.  Just bought a soldering iron to teach myself and eventually build a board.  The hole deepens.  All your keycaps are belong to us.

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Re: Welcome new members!
« Reply #899 on: Sat, 01 August 2020, 05:30:48 »
Hi everyone!
I'm new here but not very new in this field. I've been lurking in r/mechanicalkeyboards since 2018 and i just fell in love with this community and all the effort spent in those designs.

I'm a Computer Engineer student that switched to Computer Science recently, i worked in a computer shop for about 5.

During my life i learned how to solder properly and fix electronics, i usually build gaming computers for friends and enthusiast customers. I started using MDPC-X sleeves since 2013 and fell in love with it.
During this pandemic i invested some time making some kb cables and experimenting with MDPC-X sleeves, color combinations, coiling etc. I went from zero to "every cable in my house is sleeved".

Since i needed a ready-to-use kb i started with a Logitech G pro X with swappable brown switches. Thanks to this forum and youtube channels i improved the sound and smoothness of my kb (gonna make a guide as soon as i can post here, promise!). Since i'm unemployed i can't afford a custom kb for now but i have some projects in mind.

I love lurking Mito, RAMA, DIXIE, 3ildcat and many other instagram profiles. While i was watching some cable makers profiles i thought "i make this as a hobby!" so i was thinking if i should start selling some of my cables. I'm from Italy and here there is not such popularity in custom cables and kb but i'm thinking of putting some italian taste into this cable designs, maybe this community could like it.

I also have some experience with epoxy resin, wood and concrete crafts. I still have some things to learn about keycaps moldings but i was thinking to also try out some artisan keycaps designs and in future (maybe) kb cases and palmrests.

I learned alot from this forum and reddit, i'm willing to put some italian style into this hobby. If you have any suggestions, i'm ready to hear.

P.S.: i'm actually working on making my personal website functional again, since it's a portfolio-like page i'm looking to get a new domain specifically for my crafts.

Cheers, Khor.