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Re: What switches are you guys interested in or currently using?
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hmm, one of the most interesting switches I have ever tried is alps skcc tall cream. you can find them in a few radio shack keyboards and old apple m0110's. these are amazing linear switches, and they are completely unlike anything that I assume you have ever felt. they almost have a teensy tactile bump when pressing slowly, but its not noticeable during regular typing.

Hi! Is it quite difficult to find Alps switches, and specifically these ones? I dont really know much about Alps other than they an alternative to MX style.
I'd love to try some Alps switches at some point provided they dont cost me a kidney haha

Alps SKCC is even older than Alps SKCM/SKCL (which is what most people refer to when speaking broadly about Alps). SKCC is taller than modern switches. They're not particularly rare if you like linear switches, but they predate any real standardization of layout or communication protocol, so I don't think that boards that contain them that are easily converted for use with a modern computer are common, although I do believe that some modern custom boards have supported them. If there have been any modern production caps for their stems, I'm not aware of them.

They're very nice linears in terms of feel, and boards that contain them can often be had for cheap ... probably partly because there's very little that can practically be done with them.

Finding Alps switches, in general, is not difficult. The most common Alps board is the Dell AT101, which most often contains Alps SKCM black switches. These Alps switches do not have a particularly good reputation compared against alternatives, but I think they're pretty decent myself. The problem is that complicated alps switches (SKCM/SKCL) are very susceptible to dust and dirt. If a board doesn't look immaculate, you're gambling on whether or not the switches need a teardown and thorough cleaning in order to even feel close to how they did from the factory, much less being able to be restored completely at all. I think this seems to mostly be a problem with factory-lubricated Alps switches. Alps SKCM white switches are also relatively common, and can still be had for reasonable prices. They're not factory lubricated to my knowledge, so they seem to me to be in decent shape more often than they are not. They usually don't feel or sound quite as nice as SKCM blue, but blue production ceased as white production began and iterative changes were made throughout the lifetimes of each. An early SKCM white (from 1989-1990-ish) can feel and sound very close to a late SKCM blue switch.

SKCM blue is the most coveted of the Alps switches, often considered to be one of the best clicky switches ever made. Combined with their relatively short production run and the aforementioned susceptibility to problems stemming from the ingress of dust and dirt means that they are typically no longer cheap to acquire in good shape, unfortunately.

I have been using Cherry MX blues and browns... I'd probably take the browns if I had to pick one, but they aren't my favorites either. The blues type okay, but sound awful - I annoy MYSELF with the typing, and I don't even hate clicky switches generally. Neither board is hot-swappable, and neither board is special enough to spend a weekend soldering it, so they'll both probably be gone soon.

I just ordered a GMMK and a couple of bags of switches to start experimenting. I'm starting with Kailh box pink and Hako Royal Trues to see how I like them. I figured it is kind of a cheap/easy experiment to spend 30 bucks on switches plug them into a board to see how it goes. I generally loathe linear switches, but I wouldn't be above spending a few bucks to try just about anything.

If I were to get more Cherry switches, I'd probably try the clear ones. I hear they are an improvement over the browns - more tactile/heavier. I think I prefer not bottoming out all the time too, at least I prefer switches where I can control it if I try. There was a Model F at the front desk of a dorm when I was in college and I used to LOVE typing on it.  I'd type papers while working at the front desk so I could use that keyboard.

Wow, I'd love to try a Model F/M at some point cause of how unique and great they sound, I would've spent every minute possible at that desk if it meant i could use a Model F haha.
I've heard cherry clears are nice and a better alternative to Browns, I think people often spring swap them for lighter springs aswell to make 'ergo clears'.

If you like clicky switches at all, you must find a Model F to at least try, somewhere. Hopefully, when the apocalypse is over, you'll be able to find a meet to go to that has a smorgasbord of Alps switches, buckling spring, and beamspring to try out.

That depends on what you want. Some people are diehard MX brown fanatics. I can't understand why. Without modification, or after a wear-in period as some say, unless you type very slowly on them they just feel like scratchy reds. Even with wear and/or lubrication, the tactility would be very slight. It is too little for me to not just prefer linears by comparison. Things may have changed as they retool, and they're now marketing "Hyperglide" switches, but MX clear always seemed to me to not only be much smoother right out of the gate, but actually acceptably tactile in normal use. I still don't like MX or MX clone tactiles to begin with myself. \_(ツ)_/

Now i am interested in alps again
Since treeleaf is a tactile lover
He enjoys the Alps tactile feeling very much, and he cannot replicate that feeling into MX
Therefore he will try to find some nice alps switches for the endgame

Finally it all will be over soon   2 years of hobby    And endgame

You type your messages very beautifully I must say Senor treeleaf!
What sorta Alps would you recommend (tactile linear or clicky).

All switch types have fantastic representation in the complicated Alps family of switches (SKCM/SKCL). For linears, SKCL green is particularly coveted, although I haven't been able to tell a huge difference between them and the yellows that followed them. As already mentioned, SKCC feel great but have many caveats in the modern world. Honestly though, for linears, you won't find a huge overall difference between families of switches. Linears feel like linears. The biggest difference between them all is weighting and smoothness without modification. From there people get very into the specific feel and sound of different materials used to make the switch. Hall effect and optical may end up being the kings of this category in the future, since they require no physical contacts, making them very smooth by nature.

If you want a unique experience with Alps, you want to try their tactiles and clickies. Orange, cream, salmon and brown (the SKCM version, SKCL is linear) have their proponents for tactiles. For clickies, SKCM blue, amber (these are pretty heavy) and white. I think the clickies stand out the most, but clickies are also my favorite switch type. I prefer their tactiles to every other tactile I have tried besides maybe Topre, and they're so different from Topre that there's really no way to choose one objectively.
I guess I was lucky Then, I tried my great grandpas old radio shack computer with skcc creams and loved them, so I looked for m0110 keyboards on craigslist, and got a really good deal. you can get a converter for the m0110 so idk. simply talking from my limited experience here :P

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Re: What switches are you guys interested in or currently using?
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I guess I was lucky Then, I tried my great grandpas old radio shack computer with skcc creams and loved them, so I looked for m0110 keyboards on craigslist, and got a really good deal. you can get a converter for the m0110 so idk. simply talking from my limited experience here :P

I think the M0110 is one of the few exceptions, both in terms of availability and convertibility. Most SKCC boards are weird old terminal boards that nobody has any idea what protocol they use. I need dedicated arrow keys, so I have no interest in the M0110, although it certainly has some retro style.

I have some old VT100 terminal keyboard clone with SKCCs. I burned up a resistor just trying to wire it up to a Pro Micro to try to get scancodes. I may try again eventually, but I doubt it is going to just work with Soarer's or Hasu's firmwares.
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Re: What switches are you guys interested in or currently using?
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39g springs! I'm surprised the stem even comes back up with springs that light haha. must be very easy to type on. I've ordered some Box jades aswell as another 90 gateron yellows (up to a grand total of 270, 180 KS3s and 90 clear tops lol).
Think this is the beginning of my switch hoarding obsession tbh
It's been 5(?) months so they're clearly broken in and under normal typing they're fine, but if you release the switch slowly a few can stick, but again, only if I let off really slow. They're snappy, they just get stuck. I've run these on Clears, Blues and Purple Pros without a problem and they are really soft but I tell people to aim for more like 45g rather than the 39g to avoid that problem with these.

You would think they'd be really soft, after all the springs start at 20g and starts the tactile bump at 25g, however the tactile bump on 62g Zilents the tactile bump is 45g(!, same as blues) then it drops back down to like 30g, so the tactile bump is less speed bump and more like slamming into a brick wall.
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Re: What switches are you guys interested in or currently using?
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Switches I want to try are switches I can't currently buy.  An alps-like tactile mechanism (think: alps orange) but in an MX housing/stem.

Or, if anyone is making these that I can put in a board, please let me know, lol!