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Re: [GB] KAT Monochrome
« Reply #50 on: Sun, 29 November 2020, 16:38:17 »
Is there a possibility I can pick up a BoW (and/or WoB) Icon/Text Ortho kit? I forgot to pick one up.

I'm in the same situation. BoW Icon Ortho. Hoping to avoid aftermarket flipper-fest. >_<

Unfortunately I didn't pick one up myself so I can't help you guys out here :( 16 extras Ortho kits were picked up by vendors, so there will be extras, hopefully you can get in on those :)

Got samples in on Friday and finally had some time to take a picture or two:

Comparative picture next to unused black keys from my own GMK Monochrome set:

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Re: [GB] KAT Monochrome
« Reply #51 on: Sun, 29 November 2020, 23:51:11 »
That's some good dark black right there. I like it!

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Re: [GB] KAT Monochrome
« Reply #52 on: Tue, 08 December 2020, 05:28:43 »
Wow those samples look great.  :thumb: Cannot wait to get them on my board!