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Hi Everyone! Welcome to our UPDATED Artisan Tray IC! We are very excited to introduce our Artisan Tray Series - FRAGMENT



The Fragment will be a series of trays starting with, Fragment R. What makes the Fragment series unique is the integration of magnets within the walls of the tray to connect two or more trays to form various shapes. The idea here is that we will offer different shapes and sizes in the future so that various trays can be used in conjunction with your existing trays to make any shape that you would like to. The magnets are placed in calculated positions so that each individual tray can be connected even in offset positions and not just in a linear placement.


Fragment R will be a 5 X 3 artisan tray with a mirror finish that can be put in any slot OR not used at all if that's what you prefer. There will be 3 magnets along the longer side faces and 2 magnets along the shorter side faces (This can be seen in the render below). The magnets will be held in place with rubber stoppers that will also act as the feet for the tray.

This render is for illustration purposes only

By default the logo on the badge will be the Ikeygai logo, but we plan to also offer the choice of having it blank so people can engrave what they want later on. Additionally the bottom side of the badge will always be blank for customization by owner. The badge is removable and can be used in any of the slots.


So what has changed from our previous IC post?

We are happy to announce that all our trays will now come with a lid! The lid will be a case style lid that will give the tray more of a showcase feel. Instead of just raising the walls of the tray and using a flat style lid that just sits on top, we wanted to do something a little different.


The second thing we wanted to introduce is a stand for the tray. Just like the lid we did not want to just make stand for the sake of making one. We wanted the stand to also fit the modular aspect we have kept throughout the tray design. SO, we went with the below design that resembles a keycap. The stand will come with rubber pads to help keep the tray/stand from slipping or scratching. The idea here is that you can use the different faces of the stand to prop up the tray at different angles and even use it with multiple tray combinations. It can also be used simply as a desk decoration  :)






Tech Specs:

  • Aluminum 6063 Grade
  • Anodized Finish (Sand Blasting TBD) & Powder Coating/E-coating
  • Neodymium Magnets x 10
  • Badge - Stainless Steel Mirror Finish
  • 15 x 1u Artisan Slots
  • Lid - Acrylic with UV Protection
  • Stand - Black Anodized Aluminum

  • Tray Dimensions are 123mm x 75mm x 12.75mm
  • Keycap Slots are 21mm x 21mm, with a depth of 8mm (Center slot depth 4mm)
  • Badge Dimensions are 20.8mm x 20.8mm x 4.25mm
  • Lid Dimensions are 123mm x 75mm x 12.75mm; Clearance inside lid is 8mm
  • Stand Dimensions (Biggest dimensions only); Base 29.3mm x 29.3mm; Height 20.58mm; Angle - 17 Degrees

  • TBD, Tray will come with Lid but stand will most likely be an optional purchase

  • Black, Red, Yellow and Green - Anodized Aluminum
  • White - Powder coat or E-coat (depending on volume/interest)

  • Depending on IC and GB (will update as we get more info from all of you)

  • Round 1 of prototyping is done. We are now in round 2.   
    Will keep this post updated, but quickest way would be to check out our Discord channel

Contact (Come say hello!):
Discord - Ikeygai Designs
Instagram - @ikeygai_designs(

Big shoutout to KingK22(AGAIN) for the amazing renders. You should definitely check out their page as well! 

Thank you all for support!
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Re: [IC] UPDATED Magnetic Artisan Tray - Fragment R | "Covering" All Bases
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you don't need to post a new IC every time you update something

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Re: [IC] UPDATED Magnetic Artisan Tray - Fragment R | "Covering" All Bases
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Apologies for that. We didn't intend to, but there was something wrong with the other post. It was not letting us modify the attachments and kept throwing an error after modifying and trying to save.