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keys ain't work
« on: Sun, 12 May 2024, 17:43:57 »
hello everyone, recently i bought an aftermarket keyboard from someone else, and idk what kind of specific model for it but all i know its from tecware phantom TKL. short story when i tested it its working and all the lights are lit up, but the f3, 3, e, d, c, and all botttom rows where the space is located (including Arrow keys) is doesn't work. I've tested to jumper the pin but failed because the space doesn't even turned on.

like for example if i connect a wire to the second pin (the one that are connected to diode) in this case alt-right key and connect it to the top row, the key that will activate is v key, and if i more it to the top once more, the f key activate, repeat this step and the key that actived is r, 4, f4.

 I've do the same thing with space but it doesn't work at all. anyone have any idea?, i think its the traces to the space that are messed up but I've checked using multimeter that are all the rows are beeping and the diodes are beeping. any ideas?