Author Topic: IBM Model F XT: reattaching space bar without taking the whole thing apart  (Read 5492 times)

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I'm new to buckling springs, so I didn't know some boards had stabilizers that are attached to the spacebar before the board is put together, like on my Model F XT. I pulled all my keys off for cleaning, only to realize the space bar would not snap back onto the stabilizers.

I did end up taking the whole board apart to reattach it, but I later thought of an alternate method: Drilling a small hole to loop some string (I used dental floss) to pull the stabilizer forward and into the slot as you're pushing the spacebar down. I removed and reattached the space bar two more times with this method. Worked like a charm! I hope this helps prevent some headaches for some people.

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Good job!

I have done that exact thing several times with the board apart, but never came up with a way to do it from the top.
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Just wanted to say thanks for this, 4 years later. I did it today and it worked like a charm.

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Thanks for this - I was being a dullard as I thought the space-bar wobble was a "feature".
Further to this I discovered that you don't need to drill a hole. Take some dental floss - you know - the stuff that makes your gums bleed when you use it sometimes - and thread it down the stabilizer hole. As it is wound in a spall it will have a natural tendency to bend at the end. Loop around the stabilizing wire and use (fine nosed) tweezers to pull the end up. Make sure you have a good doubled up length for a good grip. Repeat with other stabilizer wire. Now, making sure the central spring is properly seated, push one end down, trying to angle/rotate it so the notch for the wire is angled open end down-ish (I think this helps...  :rolleyes:) while gripping the dental floss, preventing the stabilizing wire from depressing. The natural flex of the plastic will allow it to clip into place. Repeat other end. Stabilized. Gently pull the dental floss out once happy.
The hole (te-he) process took me 5 minutes.
This may leave some dental floss wax in the well - but - oh well.
Hope this helps.