Author Topic: IBM Model F XT: reattaching space bar without taking the whole thing apart  (Read 4127 times)

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I'm new to buckling springs, so I didn't know some boards had stabilizers that are attached to the spacebar before the board is put together, like on my Model F XT. I pulled all my keys off for cleaning, only to realize the space bar would not snap back onto the stabilizers.

I did end up taking the whole board apart to reattach it, but I later thought of an alternate method: Drilling a small hole to loop some string (I used dental floss) to pull the stabilizer forward and into the slot as you're pushing the spacebar down. I removed and reattached the space bar two more times with this method. Worked like a charm! I hope this helps prevent some headaches for some people.

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Good job!

I have done that exact thing several times with the board apart, but never came up with a way to do it from the top.
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Just wanted to say thanks for this, 4 years later. I did it today and it worked like a charm.