Author Topic: Learning curve finding color combo's as a non-designer  (Read 776 times)

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Learning curve finding color combo's as a non-designer
« on: Sun, 06 February 2022, 03:37:40 »
Sometimes I spend so much time googling keysets in the hopes someone already combined with a space gray Q1 (in my case) and put a pic on the internet.

And now that Ive bought two keysets that pan out different than I expected, Im realising its better to figure out how to combine those things on a screen frist. 
I have no experience with graphical software and willing to learn a few things. What would I need to learn to have the minimum? I could of course combine images, cut and layer them in some photoshop-like app. But then you have less control, and perhaps changing an angle or may also be not too bad.

Like does it shave of a significant amount off the learning time if you can find 3d models of a bunch of keyboard models and use the 3d software to 'color' them? How can it not of course, but is it relatively easy to find 3d models? Like I wouldn't need and exact model of my Q1 but any exploded 75% would be great for instance.
Or do keycap designers also always draw their keyboards from scratch, when they create renders like this one:
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