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Best type of USB to use for DIY cable
« on: Wed, 21 July 2021, 19:05:01 »
Hi all,

I am working on building my own custom cables for my mechanical keyboard. I have found some good prices for USB-A and USB-C on Ali-express:

USB Type A:,scm-url:1007.13339.169870.0,pvid:949557e1-c32d-41fe-b608-b26719336e55,tpp_buckets:668%230%23131923%2394_668%230%23131923%2394_668%23888%233325%231_668%23888%233325%231_668%232846%238115%232000_668%235811%2327185%2370_668%236421%2330830%23848_668%232717%237561%23381_668%231000022185%231000066058%230_668%233468%2315612%23360_668%232846%238115%232000_668%235811%2327185%2370_668%236421%2330830%23848_668%232717%237561%23381_668%233164%239976%23318_668%233468%2315612%23360&&pdp_ext_f=%257B%2522scene%2522%253A%25223339%2522%257D

For the USB Type A, what is the difference between the white, purple, and blue colors?

USB Type C:

For the USB Type C, I know I am looking for 4 pin. But does it matter if it's 4 pin "OTG"? I looked it up and OTG stands for "On the go" but I don't know if this will work better or worse for keyboards. Also how many pins does the 5A version have? Does 5A perform better?

Thank you!

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Re: Best type of USB to use for DIY cable
« Reply #1 on: Wed, 21 July 2021, 21:07:46 »
Blue is US 3.0, purple is USB 2.0.
You don't need or want the complexity of 3.0, but if you're considering type C well, that's going to be even worse.
My advice, start with a nice Type C cable for the keyboard end, then install your own type-A end and sleeve, or better still, since a type C can usually be sleeved over without removing the end, use a nice premade and sleeve that.

Better still, look into Netdot magnetic cables.
Not only are the Gen 10 pretty nice out of the box, but magnetic cables remove the stress on the port and make keyboard changes super fast. If you use a wireless mouse they also work AMAZING for charging them, with a clip holding it to your desk from wiggling too much, they can act like a dock, just slide the mouse up to it and it does the rest, yank when you need it. I switched over all my mice and keyboards to them and not only are they nice and convenient, it reduced my cable clutter like crazy since one cord can charge/connect anything with C, micro B and Lightning.
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Re: Best type of USB to use for DIY cable
« Reply #2 on: Thu, 22 July 2021, 07:45:35 »

since one cord can charge/connect anything with C, micro B and Lightning.

+10 for the excellence of magnetic cabling
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