Author Topic: Cheap Alps-compatible numeric keypads readily available - 17a 18a 19a 20a keypad  (Read 358 times)

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For various projects, I was looking for cheap Alps-compatible numeric keypads (as in, I didn't care if they came with the world's worst scratchy Alps clones; I was going to rip off the keyswitches and keycaps and use my own donor switches and caps), and found a source, in case anyone is interested.

These are the same ones mentioned at

I got mine from|0|0.#s1-1-1;searl|0702641829:2 but they seem to have cranked up their prices. However, searching dhgate for "STB-17a" reveals other sellers who are cheaper.

Should make a good donor case, plate, and board for building Alps numeric keypads, macro pads, or key testers (Chyrosran22 on youtube uses one as the base for a tester; see attached picture showing his one with many many different switches in there... he seems to have cut additional holes in the plate, as mine has a double-wide "0", double-tall "+", and double-tall "Enter" keys I suspect he uses the "STB-20a" model as per|0|0.#s1-0-1;searl|0747351828:1) :)

There are also apparently "stb-18a", "stb-19a", and "stb-20a" keypads with (you guessed it) 18, 19, and 20 keys!

Teardown of one of these "stb-17a"s that I found on youtube; the person in the video does a pretty thorough dissection.

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Interesting, always seen them on china sets although was skeptic about them, great post!

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No worries! BTW, here's a teardown video I found on youtube.