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“Your article brought me to tears. I was raised in a blue–collar, religious, racist, nationalistic home. I am now a flaming liberal with a master’s degree and a high–paying corporate job. Your article deeply articulated the view of my family in a way they never could. I don’t believe they are hateful, racist, or stupid. They’re mostly afraid. Afraid of brown people. Afraid of the day they can’t live in their own home any more. Afraid of global economics. Afraid of those who claim that their God is not real. Afraid of sexually empowered women. Afraid of the scientific utterances that they can’t understand related to climate change, so they reject it outright. Fear manifests in many ways, but it is the same root. I’ve also concluded that we liberals own 99% of Trump’s election. It was easy to dismiss him as an illiterate con artist and enumerate Hillary Clinton’s huge list of qualifications. But she could not connect with my white working–class family, and Trump could. I don’t blame him – he’s just a con man who saw an opening that he could exploit – and they’re just supporting someone who gave them a voice.
We liberals are the ones who failed, and we need to own that.”
– letter to Joan Williams – USC professor of Law – 2020

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Re: Cherry G80-11900 ebay NIB cheap not nasty like most
« Reply #1 on: Wed, 20 November 2013, 06:45:32 »
I like that box. The box mine came in looked like more of a retail store type advertising display.

Doh there was another thread already here