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Ergodox Unresponsive
« on: Fri, 10 February 2017, 15:10:42 »
I've been using my Ergodox as my daily driver since 2013 and have had zero issues until now. Randomly one day my Ergodox simply stopped doing responding and I've been unable to get it working again. I've replaced both the Teensy and the IO Expander. When I connect the keyboard to the computer, it is recognized as a keyboard and looking further it is outputting the correct information vendor and the like for the firmware that I have on it(TMK). I'm currently at the point where I don't know enough to be able to diagnose the problem that I'm having. From lurking on the geekhack forums for years, I know there are a lot of people here who are very good with these kind of things. I'm looking for some help on the next steps to diagnose this problem.

Continuity between 3.5mm cable
Continuity between 3.5mm connectors
2.2k ohm resistors
220 ohm resistors
All key switches
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Re: Ergodox Unresponsive
« Reply #1 on: Sun, 12 February 2017, 19:27:52 »
This is only half a response because I'm barely wrapping half a brain cell around anything right now -- but when my ergodox stops working (and un,re -plugging the USB cord doesn't fix it) it turns out to be the two halves aren't actually talking to each other.

 Do you have a multimeter? You might start by checking for continuity between the sound-port solder points. That it breaks so often for so many, is why many have foregone the quick-disconnect idea and just soldered wires to both halves.

 Myself, I use a phone cord but even then, one of the wires on the board is just barely there, and reflowing the solder didn't make it all that much more strain-resilient so I have duct-taped it to one side to try to reduce pressure on the keyboard/cable connection.

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Re: Ergodox Unresponsive
« Reply #2 on: Sun, 12 February 2017, 19:51:48 »
Most ergodox unresponsive problems are caused by the TRRS cable and not likely caused by teensy or IO expander.

Most TRRS cable available are for audio applications and are too thin and fragile.

I have replaced 3 or 4 different TRRS cables for my first ergodox, and finally made two custom cables. The two custom cables are both reliable (but the first one is too short so I made the second one) and my ergodox is still working well now.

BTW, I have made several other ergodox and use RJ11 or mini-USB cables in place of TRRS cable, and these ergodox never have unresponsive problems...
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Re: Ergodox Unresponsive
« Reply #3 on: Sun, 12 February 2017, 23:32:38 »
I tested the continuity between the two halves and each one of the points corresponded to the correct one on the other side and had a strong connection.

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Re: Ergodox Unresponsive
« Reply #4 on: Mon, 13 March 2017, 20:06:27 »
I just took the time to test a few more components and added them to a list in the main post of things that I've tested. I believe that I've already tested the diodes and they all were good, but I think I'll go through them again just in case. Any ideas of other things to test would be greatly appreciated.