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Hey everybody!

I've made a BT-USB-Hybrid controller for the popular Model M keyboard for no hassle, drop-in replacement. It's available on, but I'm also offering it outside of Ebay (at a discount). I currently (still) lack the privileges to start a new thread/subforum in the Artisan/Vendor section on GH, I hope it's 'legal' to post a link to my Ebay listing on here. (I find GH's rules and regulation very complicated indeed.)
I've already started a similar thread on Deskthority, but lest GH prohibits linking to enemy territory, I will leave up to anybody if they wanna go find it or not.

Here's a list of some basic features:

  • supported operating systems: Windows, Linux, Android, iOS (Mac OS X is not supported)
  • convenient, no hassle drop-in replacement
  • controller supports USB or Bluetooth 4.0/BLE connection (flip switch to select)
  • 3.7V, 500mAh Li-Po battery included (use any 3.7V Li-Po/Li-Ion battery you like)
  • internal battery charger will recharge battery when USB cable is connected
  • maximum battery life during normal operation: ca. 7 days
  • device will go to sleep after 1 minute when USB mode has been selected and no USB cable is connected
  • command line tool for keymap configuration, up to 6 layers are supported
  • standard USB/Bluetooth HID 6-key rollover
  • USB-B-›USB-A cable, beige, 1.8m, with ferrite bead sheath current filter included
  • LED PCB with low current 1 mA status LEDs
  • cruciform Philips replacement case screws for easy maintenance

International shipping as a registered letter (with tracking).

Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions, I will be glad to answer them to the fullest of my capability.
Bitte zögern Sie nicht, mich zu kontaktieren, wenn Sie Fragen haben.
S'il vous plaît, n'hesitez pas de me contacter si vous auriez de questions.

You can find a video presentation of a converted device here:

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Re: [] IBM Model M Bluetooth-USB-Hybrid Controller Replacement Kit
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bump ;D
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Re: [] IBM Model M Bluetooth-USB-Hybrid Controller Replacement Kit
« Reply #2 on: Wed, 07 March 2018, 10:47:16 »
Hi, I'm new to geekhack forum. I got registered just because I'm interested in your interface. I want to buy one directly from you. Could you please contact me?



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Re: [] IBM Model M Bluetooth-USB-Hybrid Controller Replacement Kit
« Reply #3 on: Mon, 19 March 2018, 08:20:06 »
Why does this not have more (or any) love? This is one of the best model M projects ever IMO. I wish you had these before I sold my model M's .