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Re: [IC] KAT Oblique
« Reply #50 on: Sat, 26 June 2021, 15:52:00 »
Since this might end up becoming an in-stock set rather than a GB I will need try to keep the number of kits to a minimum though.

One easy way to reduce number of kits is to add accents to the mod kits.

I might well end up doing that

I don't understand why the Ortho and colverak options were removed. Keyreative only counts total kits, not moq of individual kits. Sigh.

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Oh man, if the 40's / ortho kits are still going to be made, this is a for sure buy for me. Without that support though, it won't work for me. :-(

Ortho and Colevrak options are still there. The issue is the combined base kits (alphas+mods) kinda suck for ortho/colevrak users

I'm currently discussing with the vendors to see what they are willing to do with kitting. I'll upload revised kitting when they get back to me
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Re: [IC] KAT Oblique
« Reply #51 on: Sat, 26 June 2021, 16:28:06 »
Good luck, although I'm out of any KAT until they normalize their qc standards.
between that, GMK 2 year waits with terrible last minute communications and some awefule PBT ones good luck, choices are slim now.

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Re: [IC] KAT Oblique
« Reply #52 on: Sun, 27 June 2021, 10:29:03 »
I'm in for the Icon base, novelties, and potentially numpad.
Was just recently thinking about how cool the font on the old AEK boards is, and now this comes around!
Do keep us all posted, keen to jump onto it as soon as it enters group buy.
Quick question: will there be deskmats?