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Cloudscape Deskmat Collection

$25 with free shipping! *in the continental USA only

Group buy date: April 2nd to May 2nd, 2021

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        (noun) cloudscape - a large cloud formation considered in terms of its visual effect

Cloudscape features original art depicting a beautiful panoramic view of the clouds.
Five colors were chosen with the aim of allowing anybody to get in on this group buy, regardless of their current setup color :D

Color Options
  • Aurora: cotton candy pink, purple
  • Nova: fiery yellow and orange, rouge
  • Shock: electric and deep blue
  • Miasma: toxic and vibrant green
  • Smoke: dark gray and white

  • Extra large (XL) size, 900x400mm (~35.4 x 15.7 inches) with 4mm thickness
  • Art-printed stitched edges
  • High quality cloth top and rubber anti-slip bottom

Estimated ship date: August 2021

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Color options






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