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Re: "Jailhouse" Blues - centralized discussion thread
« Reply #50 on: Thu, 27 July 2017, 03:31:39 »
Has anyone tried the mod with dental bands? I have a ton extra and would love to see how it might work. Any pointers?
That's probably you who gave me the idea. I tried some different rubber bands with gateron blues and went to some nice results:
3/16" - too big, the stem won't slide.
1/8" 5oz - fits perfectly, but some keys are a bit clicky. I resoldered a cheap chinese 87-key board with these. A fun to type on, but insonsistency bugs me
1/8" 6.5oz - similar to above, just better. The elastics I use are of cheap Chinese origin, so they're still a bit inconsistent. I'd probably have to listen to the whole batch once done and rework every unit I won't find smooth enough. Much hassle, but these keys are going to a nice keyboard, so they have to be the best. Sorting by actuation weight is also considered.
Here you can visually compare a 5 oz rubber vs 6.5 oz one, on a Gateron switch:
One good feature with dental bands is customizability: you can let the spring thrust into the rubber to improve actuation force or let it sit deeper for lighter touch and easier further assembly. The latter was my choice.

The Jailhouse Gateron Blues feel much like a quality rubber dome switch, the main difference is that the key doesn't bottom right after actuation. Not sure if it's all worth it, but it's fun and feels nice.
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Re: "Jailhouse" Blues - centralized discussion thread
« Reply #51 on: Mon, 19 March 2018, 05:14:36 »

Has anyone tried jailhousing MX clones other than gaterons or outemus?

I've been made aware of this Reddit thread, where people debate consistency of gaterons and someone claims that greetechs didn't work for them as they retained the click.

I'm mainly interested in current Kailh switches: Blue, Pro Aqua and Speed Gold.

I've only tried to put a JSpacer on a Speed Gold and something was off. Like, there was a weird wobble at the top, or something along those lines IIRC. I have no idea how consistent they are and that sort of thing, though.

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Re: "Jailhouse" Blues - centralized discussion thread
« Reply #52 on: Mon, 19 March 2018, 18:34:42 »
A click or how much it click depends on the method used to jailhouse and how tightly the space is filled.

Orings leave no gap for the slider to move (depending on the rings), JSpacers leave little to no space, while my original wire method leaves a teeny gap which allows for a click, however, it is dampened and depends on how well you wrapped the wire and if you pre-squished it or not (the feel can be very inconsistent until they squish down).

Speed switches probably should not be jailhoused as they are already very close to actuation before you jailhouse which reduces travel by half. On a speed switch, the travel is already cut by 25-50% half so you run the likelihood of sitting on the bump/actuation point or even passed it depending on how the switch is designed and how thick your spacer is.

You don't want to sit too close to the actuation point, I found this out while testing copper and bronze switches, too little travel before actuation point along with a flat spring rate causes them to almost feel like a linear switch. You don't really sense the actuation point because almost as soon as your finger starts to press the switch it starts up the bump.

Think of a speed bump in your car, if you start with your front wheels against the bump, when you start moving your front wheels are already on the bump. It's not going to change directions or experience a change it's going to go up the bump, crest, and fall off the back side, you never feel the rise. This is actually how linears work, it's just a long ramp (like driving over a hill). On the other hand, your back tires are rolling along smooth then hit the bump and creates a change, which you feel.

Personally, I've found anything less than about 1.2mm travel is to little.
Yes, that is extremely precise, but it has to do with how the bump is shaped, remember, it's not a sharp cone or pyramid, it's a gently rounded over bump and the actuation point somewhere near, not at the very top. You have to account for ramp up and rounding over. Which on blues is just about 0.9-1mm wide.
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