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Greetech Red switch review
« on: Sun, 14 February 2021, 15:09:47 »
Today I look at some relatively unknown switches - The Greetech Red.
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Re: Greetech Red switch review
« Reply #1 on: Thu, 25 February 2021, 13:04:14 »
The problems with Greetech are:

  • The best-sounding variant (black tops) is probably not even made anymore, and tends to only be available on Taobao
  • They can be really inconsistent, some are scratchier than others, and the stock springs can be all over the place in weight
  • They tend to only be available in plate-mount variants
  • Generally don't work with switch films

This makes them pretty much unsuitable for "high end" custom building. But for just dropping something into a hotswap board, yeah, I can vouch for them. They take well to lube, although the sound always tends to be a bit high-pitched. For the money, though, you're usually better off buying Gateron nowadays. In the past, I'd say Gateron and Greetech were comparable quality, but as of 2021 Gateron generally makes a better switch for typically around the same price.
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