Author Topic: [IC] ePBT Musician (UPDATE 5/5/2020 Kit changings, new renders, minor changings)  (Read 16223 times)

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This is a great idea, and I have done something similar on my preonic:

Can you make a kit with the proper number of white and black keys per octave like above? As someone above noted, when w/b alternate every other column, sharps/flats end up in the wrong place but if you have two white columns part way through then it's correct piano spacing. If so then MIDI enabled ortho keebs would have sharps and flats where they belong. If so I'd buy in a heartbeat because I'd prefer sculpted to flat keys like I have on mine now.

One easy way to solve this would be to make a full set of keys in black AND white and let people mix and match as they see fit. Might reduce the price and help MOQ too.

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Beautiful concept - I support it.