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« on: Fri, 20 July 2012, 18:24:51 »
Thanks for being so fanatical about keyboards. This forum was the most useful resource that aided me in purchasing my new board.

I wanted a Filco TKL with reds, but I couldn't find one. I got a CM Storm Quickfire instead. I love it. I'll likely pick up some white keycaps to pimp it out with.

Thanks again. Keep doing what you do. One love.
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Re: Thanks.
« Reply #1 on: Sat, 21 July 2012, 07:39:01 »
CM Storm QF is no slouch! Welcome to GH.
My wife I a also push her button . But now she have her button push by a different men. So I buy a keyboard a mechanicale, she a reliable like a Fiat.