Author Topic: Custom Built top shelf mechanical keyboards and components  (Read 10479 times)

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Custom Built top shelf mechanical keyboards and components
« on: Fri, 05 April 2019, 07:30:26 »
Hi, so Ive decided to offer build services for top shelf keyboards and components. I hold an IPC Class 3 certification which is a workmanship standard for electronics regarding defects.  It is reserved for military and aerospace applications where components cannot fail.

With this certification, which is honestly a tad overkill, I am able to offer build services which include soldering, switch lubing, and assembly of valuable keyboard components that must be handled with the strictest of standards.

If you are interested in having me build your keyboard, modify your keyboard, switch swaps, or lubing your switches, please shoot me a message, and consider following my twitch channel where I stream keyboard builds/mods live.  Also, consider joining my discord server where I post updates, have all the major vendor contacts and can better accomodate custom build questions as well as provide lead times and build queues.

If you are looking to have a keyboard kit build professionally, please, reach out and we can talk about your needs.

Check out my live build streams on twitch and join my discord!