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Hello everybody :)
« on: Sat, 13 April 2019, 17:31:45 »
My name is Jojo haraldsson a 35 year individual from iceland,
and i have had an eye for keyboards for some time but never really got the time to put into it,
until now,

I have beenusing razer products for quite some time until a couple of years ago,
when i shifted into more custom , and decided to go with the MK disco tkl (which basicly is a ducky board minus a few features)
with MX reds.

since i decided to give this hobby a try i put in a couple of orders of some stuff,
first 60% keyboard has landed ,
RK61 -60% with Mx cherry browns
next board i ordered (waiting) GMMK compact - Kailh Navy blue or Jade (not yet decided)
(damn i love typing on this new keyboard :)

here a pic of my current setup ,hope you like it,