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Vintage Cherry MX boards with plates
« on: Thu, 16 May 2019, 05:33:27 »
So I was thinking of transplanting some spare MX switches into a vintage board with decent built quality which is usable with modern PCs.
It turns out that this search gets really complicated. The only MX board I found that has a plate is a Rhode & Schwarz PCA-Z1, which is awesome but pretty much inconvertable for me (uses a 6,35mm Audio connector like wtf).
Does anyone know of a source or type of board which fits these requirements and isn't too hard to get in Europe?
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Re: Vintage Cherry MX boards with plates
« Reply #1 on: Thu, 16 May 2019, 06:12:22 »
The only one i can think out of my head is a vintage Wyse keyboard that usually have some vintage blacks. They can be usually be found for cheap since people only go for the switches and not the board it self. So you can try to make a post in classified or /mm and ask for a desolderd wyse keyboard.
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Re: Vintage Cherry MX boards with plates
« Reply #2 on: Thu, 16 May 2019, 06:35:16 »
If you aren't familiar with it is another keyboard enthusiast site it tends to lean vintage and has a more international centric user base.

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